Found a great sugar free snack!

Yesterday I posted a review of Sugar Free LifeSavers Sorbets on If you are into tart candies then you should really give this a try. Take it easy though, as a serving contains 14 grams of sugar alcohols. Serving size is four candies, and I think just one really hits the spot!

I wanted to post a link to the candy website, but Wrigley’s is doing this Candy Stand thing and navigating to the sugar free stuff is harder to explain than I thought it would be. For those with good navigational skills, check out the other sugar free offerings on the site.

I love tart candies. Your discovery hasn’t show up in Toronto yet. I’ll have to check Walmart for sugar free sweets. Hope they have a larger selection then the drug stores.

Sugar Plum,

If you promise to keep this a secret :slight_smile: … I got them at a Super Target. I’m afraid the closest one will be across the lake from you :frowning:

Good luck!

I thought I heard Target will open in Canada. I’ll have to check and ask Target myself. Thanks for the info.

Sugar Plum