Four different glucose readings

Just checked my sugar four times on two different Prodigy meters and got 481/448 on one and 105/250 on the other. I think its time for a pancreas transplant. I’ve had enough really. This is nothing but a slow death sentence.

right now might be a good time to ask yourself how you’re feeling :frowning:

you can’t really even come up with a good median there…hmm


That other meter has a strange difference. And WOWZER that outher is HIGH… scary to say, if you treated your self to that first one, you just night be in a Pickle. Now if you followed the other… geez…

Gary, don’t give up, maybe you should toss those meter to the Trash Can. Or caribrate them and call the meter company. Those readings could be harmful to you in both ways.

Awe, don’t think of it as a death sentence, we Type 1’s are special people:) thats why there is a 1 there:)
Its the beginning of the Weekend, find some Happy and have fun with it:) no giving up:)

Maybe I should toss my insulin in the trash and be done with this altogether. Diabetes = Hell!

Maybe toss the meters in the trash? I don’t seem to run into that situation? I’ve had a few where I have crap…ooops, I mean sugar, on my hands and a test will be really off. I’ve also had a few, after I work out a lot, where the CGM seems to be reading low and the BG is higher but I sort of attribute that to the ‘lag time’ of the CGM? I’ve used One Touch for years and, while I know they are not required to be ‘accurate’ any more than other meters, I’ve never seen anything like that? Plus, the consequences are perhaps less severe than throwing the insulin out?

If I were you, I’d throw the meters and get a new one. That’s crazy. I had that happen when I was 12 years old (said I was 19 then said I was 328). Threw the meter away, I couldn’t trust it anymore (well, my parents threw it away). Also had one once tell me I was 185 for like 6 readings in a row. Threw that too (it’s statistically just about impossible for that to happen w/ the error expected in meters these days). Sometimes meters just…start doing wonky things.

Oh, Gary, I know how hard this is. We all do. Diabetes suuuuuuuuuuucks.

When I start feeling really, really bad about it, I go on what I call a Comedy Marathon. I learned to do this when I was diagnosed with a malignant melanoma lesion on my foot in 2000 – nothing quite like waiting a week for new biopsy results to make you go stark raving mad…

I just get three or four comedy movies and refuse to put anything into my brain for a couple of days but humor. No news. No sad songs. No dramas. No arguments with my family on the phone. Nothing negative. I just blast my mind with lightness – the sillier the better – and sleep as much as I can (not so easy these days).

Sometimes we literally need to just take a mental break and lighten up.

Then toss the meters and get new ones. What the heck. It’s only money, right? ;0)

I’ve been told to replace meters every year or so. When one acts crazed, I’ve called customor service & they send me a new one. They want the old one returned & send a postage paid, addressed envelope. Bonus is the new meter is sent with strips.

ik wat u mean but mine was all on the same meter

I vote for a new meter also. Also, did you wash your hands? I have learned the hard way when I have a questionable reading to wash my hands and re-check.

You are a veteran at this, so I would expect you did the normal things like checking that your test site was clean.

In general, this is exactly the situation where you should use the control solution. If your control solution is fresh, then the meter reading should be when you test the control solution should be with the range (typically) +/- 20%. Most strips have the expected control range marked on them. Given the huge difference, you would likely find that the test against the control solution would identify a meter problem.

My former endo recommened that you replace your meter every six months. And in truth, a battery problem can cause these sorts of things. But the really harsh thing is that as diabetics we depend upon credible blood tests, if they are off, the consequences can be serious. It is bad enough that meters are only accurate +/- 20%, but it is also terrible that when meters go bad, they can’t even tell you that they have failed.

I would call the company and tell them what you just told us. They usually like to know what is happening with their products. All the companies are available 24/7. Those results are unacceptable for you to maintain good control of your BS. Just whining and wringing your hands doesn’t solve the problem. You can NEVER give up. That’s why we all are here for each other-- to trouble shoot and look for solutions.

Oh how I wish I could toss my Insulin in the trash, be done with the cost and the Disease! Butttttttttttttttt, that won’t work, the cost of Insulin is so cheap compared to a Hospital stay! They just might find something else wrong too…opps…

I hope you got a new meter, and everything is good:)