Four simple steps to prevent heart disease

I enjoyed watching this Dr. Mark Hyman YouTube video about heart disease. It’s not aimed exclusively at the diabetic sector but the many points made in this interview highlight the stark difference between a functional integrative medical perspective versus the traditional one adopted by most endocrinologists and cardiologists.

What are those four things teased in the title?

  1. Not smoking

  2. Getting 150 minutes of exercise each week

  3. Eating in the top two quintiles (upper 40%) of a whole foods diet

  4. Having a healthy body fat percentage

Drs. Hyman and Geyer discuss how they cast an extended net when they examine and analyze health problems for any new patient. Instead of limiting their measurements to an A1c, blood pressure, and lipid markers and then Rx’ing a statin and aspirin along with the scripted advice to eat less and move more, they look further afield.

They consider sleep, nutrition, and microbiome quality in a much more comprehensive examination searching for root causes. The case studies that they recount provide a fascinating way to make these issues come alive.

This video is 45-minutes long, so when you have some time, give it your attention. It is worth the investment in time as they discuss what impacts our heart health.