Freak Out - c'est chic

Okay - first - get this tune up and running in your head (Freak Out) - and you'll then be able to read my dribbles - which I'm able to produce despite having BG's between 2.7 mmol/l - 4 mmol/l - ALL THE FRIGGIN' TIME!!! Going to sleep last night, after eating like it was going out of style, without bolusing, I managed to get up to 5 mmol/l !!! BTW, I think I have finally cured diabetes - having the H1N1 vaccine - I know have a curly tail - and no longer require bolus insulin at meals - or corrections - am lowering the basal rate - but not sure what to do - I need serious help - as I'm FREAKING OUT! So, if you feel like reading how my past few days are going - and any advise is appreciated - please go to this link ... again .... get the Freak Out tune going - and it may help you read better.

That’s Very odd that it’s affecting your blood sugars like that. No one mentioned that before. Could the low blood sugar be caused by something else? I hope that it doesn’t keep my sugars low.

My Hubby(Health Care Worker) got the day off today for Remembrance Day, We went to the building down the street where they were giving the H1N1 shots out. They gave him his H1N1 shot within 20 minutes. I was given a bracelet and told to go back for my shot at 6:30 this evening. How rude!! :smiley:

Lowering your basal a bit is a Good idea. Try eating some protein to keep your sugars more balanced along with another food item, each time you eat. Or have 1 slice of pizza or similar food. Bad I know but it may do the trick for a while, for your low blood sugars.

Cool picture. I hope that you feel Better soon.

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