Freaking insurance companies suck!

Okay…So I’m what the Dr. calls a fragile diabetic…so I’m supposed to check my sugar between 4 and 6 times a day. But the retarded insurance company will only cover 100 test strips in a month…If u do the match thats not right! 6 x 30=180!!! I on disability i get 340 dollars a month i cant afford to pay an extra 100 dollars a month for strips just because the insurance company is cheap!


The insurance company will normally cover more strips, but you have to fight for it. They usually require that your doctor file a Prior Authorization for the higher number of strips. Then they will review it and, usually, approve it. Sometimes they drag their feet, but if you keep pushing they will usually approve it eventually.

That’s disability for you! Get to your Dr and see if you can talk to him about getting more strips. They have to talk to the Dr’s nurses (maybe the nurse would be better) and find out how many times you test to get the scrip for it. Know that b/c I’m on disability and having to mess with all that confusion now! Your right Insruance compoays suck!!!

One option, while you are fighting for the other, is to get a cheap/free meter that uses the cheapest strips. Since I was pre-diabetes, I knew the insurance would never cover it so I talked to the pharmacist. He gave me a free meter (Home Diagnostics’ True Result). The strips are cheap (50 for ~$28). I’ve seen the strips for up to $39 per 50 online. I love my pharmacy!

Hello I am a fragile t1 also and I am on disability and my drug card covers all my meds except my needles and they give me the money for them and if i need anything extra my doctor writes me a note and they give me the money for it.

Nya, we got around this by submitting paperwork from the dr. that our son was athletic, and athletes have to test before, during and after exersize. So have your dr. do the same and then go and get active girl!