FREE Lancets

Hi everyone. I have several boxes of one touch ultra lancets that go for almost $15 a box.My Insulin pump supplier sent me a 3 month supply when I already had a 2 month supply before going on the pump. I’m due for another 3 mointh supply in Feburary and have more than enough. I know that some people pay out of pocket for these supplies. So, if you’re interested in some free lancets, reply to this discussion!

I don’t need any …but KUDOS to you for this!!! great cooperative spirit! :>)

Hey Kathy…

Do you this have these available? If so you are welcome to post them for folks in the strategic savers group.

I’m sure someone would want them.

I still have the box of 300 I got with my first blood sugar meter 14 years ago. There are at least 75 left in there, if that tells you how often I replace mine. :slight_smile:

hey do you steel have them