Free Online Diabetes Symposium June 5-11. Over 60 Speakers and Topics!

I received an email (below) today asking to share the link to this free online diabetes symposium. It runs all week and there are over 60 different speakers and sessions in which to participate. There is no cost and it is sponsored by the ADA, JDRF, The Canadian Diabetes Association and others…
Let us know if you attend or have in the past and have heard any of the speakers who were especially great!

From Sindhu…
Hello! My name is Sindhu Rajan
Let me introduce myself. I worked at the Kovler Diabetes Center, University of Chicago last for the last 12 years. I am currently the CEO of Prana Diabetes, a company focusing on delivering CDC’s diabetes prevention program online. Diabetes Hands Foundation has always been a supporter of our mission.

I am speaking at an online Diabetes Symposium starting tomorrow. Keynote speaker is my mentor Dr. Philipson, a renowned endocrinologist from the University of Chicago. I thought it would be very useful to the diabetes forum members to attend. Could you please post it to the forum? Here is the link,