Freestyle flash versus Freestyle Lite

I was recently informed by Freestyle that they no longer make the Freestyle Flash (strips are still available but who knows for how long) and they sent me the Freestyle Lite instead. I have been using both and the Lite seemed off so I started testing from the same drop of blood on each meter. The Lite is consistently running 15-20 points higher than the Flash. I know there can be up to 20% difference, but in this case the Lite is ALWAYS running higher than the Flash. If it were chance, I would expect a difference between the two meters but not always in the same direction (I would expect one to be higher one time, the other to be higher another time and so forth) and not always in the same 15-20 point range. I have used the Flash since it came out and found it to be very accurate. I tested it against multiple other meters and got close results. I am not feeling as confident about the Lite at this point. Anyone else having the same experience?

I did not do a comparison when I switched over to the Lite, but I have used it a long time, and feel that is pretty acurate

I’ve found the exact opposite! I also tested several times with the same drop of blood and my flash is consistently about 15 points higher in the normal range 70-130 than the lite. I haven’t done comparisons in the higher Bg range. I tested several strips with control solution and the lite was dead on at 100 but the flash was 115 with the same drop of control. I also have a flash meter attached to my Cozmor pump and it also reads 15 points higher than the lite, so I think it’s probably the particular strip lots that might be different, not the meters