FreeStyle Libre Flash CGM System

From what I have seen the Libre and the Dexcom sensors are similar in the way they determine the glucose values by using the fluid under the skin. So how can the Libre system do this with just a warmup, but Dexcom requires a start up and daily calibrations. Any of you techies out there care to tune in on this. It would appear that Abbott technology is light years ahead of Dexcom.


FYI the Dexcom system is so accurate that many times we can skip calibrations. It just requires an extra button push. It’s nothing like the MiniMed system where you must calibrate at the specific time or you get no readings. Also the Dexcom can wake you up if your blood sugar gets out of bounds. You have to wave the receiver over the Libre to get a reading so I don’t think you’re going to be able to do that when you’re asleep. Lol

So I wouldn’t characterize the Libre as light years ahead. It’s a different animal altogether