Freestyle Libre won't give accurate reading

Calling the the company was a nightmare. I finally got a second reader and it is doing the same thing. I first thought well it is 10 off so I can go by that from the finger prick. But then 2 hours later it was almost 20 off. I can’t get it to give me an accurate reading. Any advice out there? I really want this thing to work.

Almost 20 off is no big deal

Is your meter tested with test solution

Libre can be all over the place or very accurate

for my wife it is most accurate at the low end

in the evening before bed it will be 50 high but I don’t care because I expect it

You just have to learn to live with it being kind of quirky and learn it’s patterns or find something else

even if it is off more then you like you still can see a trend

In the beginning I almost threw it in the trash but have since found it useful

I would not avoid ANY finger sticks

Give it some time

I am hoping eversense gets approved by medicare

Not until Senseonics gets the Eversense approved for non-adjunctive.

That is up to Senseonics.

My Libre is slightly inaccurate during the first 24 hours. I had to call them a few times. They replaced a sensor for me very easily. Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. I’ve been using Libre 6 months and have good results. I use MM for alarms plus the spike app which is extremely helpful.

I am 7 months using Libre exvlusively… For bolus! Finger pokes only to confirm an unexpected LOW.

My A1C has NOT changed. But Libre is much easier and faster to use.

Accuracy is hard to argue. Libre is different than finger pokes.

I had my Libre for about two months and then stopped using it. For me it was too inaccurate. It was always too low. On occasion it was 10 points off but mostly it was 20-50 points off. I trashed it. Who needs a reader that is so inaccurate. I laugh when I see the commercials where they say, “No fingersticks” and “Calibrated at the factory”.

I then tried the Dexcom G5 and for me it is consistently accurate to within 6%. What a difference. Plus you get readings automatically every five minutes without having to swipe your arm. I never liked swiping my arm in public and now I can simply look at my receiver or phone. But the most important thing about the Dexcom is that it can be set to vibrate or sound an alarm if you blood sugars approach a level that is too high or too low. Wonderful going to bed. Such a difference between the two.

You can’t worry about twenty points…especially with the difference in whole blood and fluid testing. Mine has matched my Bayer Contour meter and roche meters almost to the exact number about 98 percent of the time.

I’ve been using my Freestyle Libre for over nine months. In that time, I’ve had Abbott replace two of my sensors because, while they usually read 30 points low, they had other readings as much as 50 or 70 points low. Otherwise, when I get a meter that reads 30 points low, I just add 30 points to my actual reading to make my insulin dosing or food decisions. One unit of insulin lowers my BG about 34 points and I most frequently need 8 to 10 units of insulin for a lunch or dinner, so 30 points difference is within the amount my sensitivity may vary from one shot to the next, so I don’t see it as a major problem.

When I first start a new sensor, I take several finger stick tests with my ReliOn Confirm meter within the first two days. That meter has been within two points of my lab blood draw results for six or seven times now, so I feel confident of its accuracy. After two days on a sensor I decide how much too low that particular sensor is reading at times my reading could expect to be stable. Then I don’t bother with finger stick readings unless the reader shows LO or over 200.

Two of my last three sensors have read approximately 30 points low, the other about 13 points low. My A1c since I started the Libre has been 6.0 and 6.1. For the previous five years it was 5.5 to 5.9. And I’ve never had a low I couldn’t treat myself. I consider the elimination of the majority of the finger pokes to be worth the minor increase in my A1c. (And part of the increase in A1c may be because I’ve added more carbs to my diet in a desperate attempt to stop the weight loss. I’m down to 101 pounds.)

I could live with the inaccurate values but I have had many sensors fail, and today, my sensor seemed to be stuck around 80 even when I was spiking into the 200’s and NO movement from the sensor. My sensor hovered around 80 for nearly 24 hours and then suddenly began to move with my changes in blood glucose levels once again.

I will give it one more try but if I don’t see better performance, I am out. I was THRILLED initially but now very disappointed.