Freestyle Strips for OmniPod


My new insurance covers Freestyle strips on tier 2 (and only after prior auth), so they are pricey. I am really bummed because I was getting them for free under my old insurance. Has anyone successfully gotten these strips at a discount? I tried to use Freestyle’s promise program and their Freestyle Patient Access Line and neither resulted in any savings.

Thanks in advance.

I use the Abbott co pay card for my strips, and for 400 strips it brings my co pay down from +$100 to $30 with insurance. Some mail order pharmacies will not recognize the card. If that happens you can use a local pharmacy for a 30 day supply, or use the reimbursement form they provide you sign up. If you are on a government plan, medicare/medicaid, the copay card is not valid since the government already bargains down the cost of the strips from the supplier. You can get a card here -

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Thank you El-Ver. Interesting. I tried to use that card at my pharmacy and they said it was not valid. The Abbott rep told me you don’t need the card - as long as your pharmacy participates, the savings is automatic. They confirmed for me that my pharmacy participates, but I did not get any discount at the pharmacy.

Hey Nici:

I went through this years ago with a previous insurance company. I completely understand how frustrating this is. I solved at the time by selling the strips they did cover on eBay, and buying the ones I did need on eBay as well. Economically, it worked out perfectly. I was never out of pocket. Logistically, it’s a bit of a hassle, but it worked perfectly.


You might ask them which other pharmacies in your area participate in the
program. I actually use my local only for strips. Everything else is
mail order. 3 months of local purchase with copay card is still less than
the 3 month price of my mail order copay. In my area, Rite-Aid,
Walgreens, Safeway and CVS all participate in the program.