Freestyle test strips for Omnipod

Are we allowed to give away our unused test strips to anyone that can use them? I have 5 boxes of 100 count that expire in 12/31/2021. I got a new Omnipod that no longer has the BG meter built in and am now on the Contour next. Can anyone use the Freestyle test strips?

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My HMO will only allow One Touch strips as back up to the Libre sensors. I would love Freestyle but I dont want to take away from someone who has nothing to use…

If nobody else responds in a week I will get your info and mail them out to you.

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Hi. I am Bonnie and if you still want the test strips please send me your address so I can mail them out to you. The freestyle.

Hi Bonnie! I would gladly take those Freestyle strips off your hands. I always fight w/ my insurance company over getting a pre-authorization every year from my doctor since those are the only strips the Omnipod PDM will use…

I am sorry but someone already got them. I sent them out almost 2 weeks ago.