Flash Freestyle Test Strips

So someone told me that Freestyle is going to stop making the Flash teststrips the ones used for the meters, Is this true? I dont believe it, What kind of test strips would we use?

I imagine that Abbott will continue to make the test strips for a while but I have no solid proof of that. I certainly hope they continue to make them - part of the reason I picked the OP was it’s built in glucometer.

It is not true.

Abbott makes other products/meters that require the old test strips - their new Navigator CGMS and the Cozmonitor module for the Cozmo insulin pump. The Navigator was approved by the FDA in March and started shipping out in June/July. They will be marketing the old strips for several more years until these other technologies go through new FDA approval processes (which can take a couple years).

They will not, however, be making any more METERS with the old strip technology. They are attempting to transition people over to their “lite” strip technology meters and if you call them, they will send you a lite meter. You’ll need a new Rx from your doctor for lite strips if you go that direction.

But no, they will continue to provide strips. You just might not be able to get another Flash if yours breaks.

Even if Freestyle wanted to stop, I’m sure Insulet would have something to say about that. I’d be very surprised if the agreement between the two companies didn’t include some kind of clause that requires Freestyle to provide the strips to OmniPod users for some period of time. Think about it, Insulet would lose one of the major benefits of their product if the strips were to go away, and I can’t believe a company would expose themselves to that kind of risk without a clause in the agreement.

Yeah, that’s right. The Omnipod PDM is another one. I should have mentioned that one, too. I’m a Cozmo user so I didn’t think about it!

Surely the Omnipod folks will replace the PDAs if something like this happens. I can’t believe that they’ll leave peolpe to turn in the wind.
Too many would go over to other companies.

I actually spoke with our Insulet rep and a rep at Abbott. They will continue to make the Freestyle strips, however, you are correct that all the Freestyle Freedom meters are being phased out. I panicked at this because I needed to get a separate meter for preschool as a backup. I actually went on eBay to get one. For those of you who need backup meters, I think eBay is the best place to get one. Abbott will not give or sell you any of these “old” meters.