French fries and diabetes

hey everyone!! im sammy and i have a question that i have been pondering ever since i got diabetes. i like french fries like anybody else, and i usually to low because they dont digest well. so i combo bolus them in my pump which is set on getting 25% of the insulin first then 75% of the insulin later. well since i go low, i punch in less carbs which works for me. tho last night i was high most of the night not really high but 180. i think it was a back up type of reaction to the fries. so what im wondering is to control better sugars should i cut fries out of my diet because i dont want to have to worry about whats gonna happen to my sugars now… you know?

High fat foods like French fries are problematic because fats slow digestion. I think it’s better to not eat them than worry about highs. To me, foods like these just aren’t worth it.

Personally I know that if I cut out or forbid myself from certain foods than I can’t maintain never eating them. I believe that cutting everything like this out is unrealistic and potential for diabetes freak out’s, depression, etc. My suggestion is to make a call to your CDE and discuss a different plan of attack for eating them and other high fat foods for the days when you want to eat them. Eat them and then test every 30 minutes to an hour for the 4 hours after and see what happens and then adjust next time and then see how that goes. This is just my opinion because I know myself with diabetes over the last 26 years. Do what you need to do for you with Diabetes and a happy self! Good luck!

When I eat french fries, I assume that both my judgment and the place’s counting of the carbs are completely off base. If they say a large fries has 60g, I bolus for 90g. If I look at a plate and think it must be about 45g, I might bolus for 65g. I just always up it and watch my numbers later.

The combo bolus sometimes works for me (though more like 65% up front, 45% over 3 hours), but more often, I’m comfortable just bolusing later if necessary if my CGM shows an unexpected rise. My problem is going to be the whole meal though with fries. I’m more likely to be somewhere where I’m also eating other unhealthy foods. So I don’t do it often. Fries are maybe a once a month thing for me, if that.

I can never figure out how to bolus correctly for french fries. here’s a blog from Bill (1happydiabetic) that touches on giving them up completely

have you seen any of his videos? they are quite enjoyable!

I just don’t eat french fries. It’s easier for me.

I’m glad to know I’m not the only person that has trouble eating French Fries.

With my I don’t cut it completely out, but I don’t have it with every meal either. I love fries too, but I limit them now to probably about once a week. If I know I’m going to eat fries that day I watch the rest of my food intake like a hawk. One thing my doctor told me if that you don’t have to completely give up things, you just have to plan more so than you ever had to. I love mashed potatoes, pizza, and sushi. All those things are not good, but if I plan for that day then I won’t have any carbs with breakfast or lunch so I can consume those carbs for dinner.

french fries are my #1 trouble food… i’ve switched to onion rings and they don’t bother me as much for some reason.
have never tried a combo bolus with them but after reading your post, i think i’ll give it a go… thanks!