Slightly CONFUSED!

So as I am about to eat lunch, of Mcdonald 10 pc chicken nuggets and fries which has a total of about 75 carbs. I test my blood sugar at 12:04pm and I am 55 and my pump ( omnipod ) will not let me bolus when my sugar is under 60 so I eat some fries and test again although only five min. later at 12:09 and I am 50 so I eat more and at 12:17 I test and I am 47 still eating test at 12:23 and still 47. I have by now eaten close to all the food and now at 12:30pm I am still 47. Although I feel fine despit being 47 why is this so strange to me. After eating all my food and waiting 15 min. I am 59.

yeah at least I know now that its going up

oh! how i know the feeling…one of the reasons i just stopped taking my BS…bad i know…but ill start again…coming onto this site, made me feel guilty

Is there a manual bolus feature on the Omnipod that will let you bolus regardless of blood glucose level? I do what Danny does sometimes and program a 30 minute square bolus if I think I went overboard on the hypo correction and it seems to do the trick without compounding the initial hypo.

I never did go extremely high, I kept test every so often and when its started to rise I did a small bolus. And I guess I’m a little bad because if I dont feel ■■■■■■ when low I dont feel the need to down a regular soda or juice I just stick with what I’m eating and go from there.

thanks for all your comments