Friday Low

Plummeted this afternoon. Been home all day, ran some errands, volunteered at the library, bought shoes (girl smile) and really went down fast when I was at home. Noticed I was having trouble reading, CGM started to go off, and was beginning to treat when my husband came home from work. Kind of incorherent for a while, but smart enough to treat--finally asked for a shot of juice, which always works for me. He is wonderful--let me figure it out and acted when I asked. I am so glad when he does not "hover." Am OK, but exhausted, Literally wiped out. It is 8 pm on Friday and I am headed to sleep soon. Such a YAWN I am.

The shot of juice is a great idea! Even a small glass blasts me off but I've never used our shot glasses!

Understandable. It sounds like you had quite a busy day. Uh...admiring your new shoes takes 0 energy. :D

a shot of kahluah will both give you a surge in sugar but also help you sleep is is much yummier than juice.

Sometimes it is nice to know some backup sugar sources just in case.
THe kids eat my "giant sweettarts" glucose tabs. And I just never keep an eye on whats
around. I keep emergency tubes of dextrose in the car and I have gu packets just about everywhere.

Still no one in my house really drinks, so all that stuff just sits there and is good to drink even years later :)

To be very clear: "a shot of juice" is my husband's terminolgy for drinking some apple juice. Never did get above 90 with the juice, crackers and jam, and then dinner. Just a low day.

Juice has always been my choice for treating lows. It is very fast and with juice boxes, it is easy to take anywhere.