Whoa - A low!


Well it was just Olivia and I all night last night. My other daughter, Gwen, went with her daddy to our camp to spend some quality time with each other. Six o'clock before we ate dinner was ofcourse BG checking time. I checked her and she was a 53. Whoa - A low. I haven't seen a number this low for a while. Olivia was good and drank a 4 oz. juice box, but then I wasn't sure if I was supposed to still give her a 1/2 unit of Humalog. I checked her again after 15 minutes and she was now a 76-coming up, that's good!! Next, I'm on the phone for what feels like forever waiting for the diabetes person on call to answer my question. Finally, I get someone and I went through her numbers and asked whether or not to still give her the shot. The answer was yes. They said as long as she was responding to the juice treatment and she was eating dinner, I was supposed to still give her the shot. I would of thought the answer would of been no, but hey - I'm still learning about this disease. At 9:30 she was @ 174 and I felt a whole lot better! She was good throughout the night, but was a 75 this morning. I would of liked to have that number a little higher.

On Saturday, I have a family reunion to go to. Only a few of my close family members know that she has been dx, so it should be interesting. I don't want sympathy!! I want them to see that this disease is not going to hold us back. She is the same Olivia. Very spunky and out going. I'm sure I will be educating alot of the family. It will be our first all day away from home experience. I hope it goes well.


I don’t want to use this as a “plug,” but I truly believe that if you ask them to join TuDiabetes your process of educating them can be continuous. Geez, I learn everyday with your postings and sympathize with you even though I don’t have the privilege of knowing you in person. Just a thought :slight_smile:


I plan on doing just that! Thank you.