FROM THE ARCHIVES- Diabetes & Eye Health with Dr. Jonathan Prenner

Dr. Jonathan Prenner about what people with diabetes can do to keep their eyes healthy. Dr. Prenner is an advisor for the LOOK TO YOUR FUTURE campaign ( which is designed to raise awareness of the impact of low vision caused by retinal diseases and encourages people with diabetes to take proactive steps to help protect against vision loss.


@Mila, you’ve tapped into a treasure trove of good information. Please keep these coming.

Emily Coles interviewed Robert Geho, CEO of Diasome, or W. Blair Geho, chief scientific officer of Diasome. I found that interview fascinating and suspect many of our new members would find it interesting.

What Diasome is working on is producing an additive to insulin that targets the cells of the liver. In a healthy glucose metabolism, the pancreas secretes insulin into the portal vein of the liver. The liver senses the full force of that insulin and one of the things it does is to suppress the inappropriate post-meal release of glucagon.

Since we inject insulin into subcutaneous tissue, the liver does not feel the dramatic rise of insulin concentration and glucagon then works against a better metabolism. Diasome’s “hepatic directed vesicules” could remedy that metabolic weakness.

If you can find this video, I’m sure our member will enjoy it.

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I saw it today while digging them up. Will share tomorrow!