On days like today, I feel frustrated. I had to have steroid injections on Wednesday because I had a wreck on Dec. 26, 2006. My neck and back are in constant pain due to whiplash. These injections are my last resort. My BS is out of control. Over 300 since Wednesday. I'm on a pump and have been taking injections every 4 hours with triple doses I would normally take. I haven't eaten a real meal since Wednesday.

Days like today, I hate my diabetes. My eyesight has been horrible. My heart has been beating out of my chest. Waking up in cold sweats. Days like today I wonder if I will really be able to make it for the rest of my life with diabetes.

So sorry to hear this! We all have days like this-- but sometimes they seem to come at the worst time. With all the variables that affect blood sugar, sometimes it spins out of control. BUT I hate the feeling that I cannot control my blood sugar, even when I correct for high BG levels and take extreme measures (like not eating).

Have you tested for ketones? If it doesn’t go down, you really should get help!! You are doing everything right…

Take care and let us know how you are!!!

I’ve had a steroid injection before, and it does throw the bs out of whack for a few days. Good news though is that now you are 3 days into it, so things should be returning to normal soon (at least in my case that’s what happened). Hopefully it helped ease the pain.