Frustration - suggestions?

Yesterday I ate 2 hard boiled eggs in the morning, lunch Broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, squash, spinach, cashews soup and when i got home for dinner i had 2 slices of cheese and yoghurt.

woke up - 179 blood sugar. after eating like who-knows-what

Then today I woke up had coffee and again eggs - buy lunch time my blood was 249

Should I just give up now?

No reason to give up after just that, lol. Unfortunately the big D always keeps moving the target but I can point to coffee (which you did not list for first day) as possibly being the difference maker. For me 2 cups in morning is a 2.5 unit bolus BYDMD… :slight_smile:

Coffee is a constant in my life. Written or not :slight_smile:

But very low carbs for an entire day - with appropriate insulin after each
meal and still waking up close to 200… I just don’t get it.

you could possibly building up more insulin resistance, keep an eye on it and if trend continues, may have to talk to doc about trying more insulin… ( Same here by the way, a day without coffee is a day not worth living)

The thing that solved more of my frustrations than anything else was adding a CGM so that I could see exactly when and why my BG was moving. Until then, it was mostly guess work and frustration.

Thanks for getting back to me. CGM?! :S :slight_smile: