15 to 25


I’m not really sure what it is or the size of the dish? But, I’ll guess 30.


Boom goes the dynamite…


Well, is it sugar free pudding or regular? What kind of milk does it have, skim, whole, cream, half and half? Is there anything in the pudding contents, like cherries, more coconut, etc. ? What’s the size of the bowl, this camera shot could be deceiving?

What is it? That might help… this could be anything from cake frosting to dog poop :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m thinking it’s regular chocolate pudding, made with 2% milk. It’s topped with coconut and nuts, both of which are negligible on carbs in a small serving like that. Let’s shoot for 1/3 cup serving size.

Emmy, how am I doing?

I’ll say 20. Don’t know if it is sugar-free or regular and what kind of milk was used. But it looks good. I’ll take a dish.

32 (my own bowl would be a bit more because I would have more cashews on there).

It looks like plastic, so I’m going to say 0.


LOVE this game!

We should do this more.

Can anybody guess how many carbs are in these beautiful cookies?