G4 Day 7

So I got my new G4 and LOVE IT! I am on Day 7 and the accuracy has been awesome. I restarted my sensor, how many days do people typically get out of one sensor? Check our my blog/pic/analysis below.


I'm sure it varies from person to person, but I can usually get about 10 days before the accuracy starts to wander. For me, this means it shows a fairly flat line when I'm really not so flat according to my meter. So it's a judgment call -- if I'm not sure about the sensor, I ditch it and put in a new one. Maybe I could have gotten more time out of it, but the reason I want it in the first place is to detect lows that I don't feel, not to speak of highs, and if it's not doing the job, it's time for a new one.

10-14 days for me. Like Natalie_c said, you need to keep an eye on it; varies from site to site.

I was able to squeeze 12 days out of my last sensor. The adhesive ended up coming off. It may have lasted longer.

I've not gotten less than 2 weeks since the end of October - with accuracy. I slap on some Opsite Flexifix as soon as I insert it, and tend to use thigh/arm sites I'm awed by the accuracy as well.. no more false lows during the night as I had with the seven+.

With the Seven I've gotten 21 days, but the G4 hasn't quite lasted that long yet. Mostly because I've knocked them off accidentally right around 7 days. I've been really busy lately and kept putting off taping them when I noticed they were coming loose...

Bram - How much time did you end up getting out of your sensor? I'm still in the first week of mine.

Hi David - I got 8 days on my first sensor. It was starting to fall off and the tape I was using was making my stomach really itchy, so I took it off. I am thinking if I get a good insertion than it should last more.

I keep reading about Opsite Flexifix...where do you purchase it?


Yep, it's the bees knees.

With de 7+ I had ca. 12 days, now with the G4 I had 21 days

Google it, the price can vary widely. I use the 4" roll and cut 4 strips, one for each side. I've had the same roll for almost 2 years.

I just restarted my sensor this morning. The adhesive seems to be holding pretty well, just coming up a bit at the the edges. I'm anxious to see how long it lasts. I'm still getting accurate readings.

I too use the 4" roll like everyone else. I cut a 3.75" long piece, fold it horizontally in half and cut a 1.5" half circle in the middle. Fit it right over the sensor and I’m off. I had the last sensor on for 19 days. No problem.

Awesome, I will have to try some additional adhesive products like Opsite Flexifix. I have used just general medical tape and it rips my skin off when I take it off. thanks everyone!

I should correct myself here: I cut a .5-.75" semi circle which would mean I get a 1"-1.5" circle…this should fit right over the sensor…