G6 - no alerts

Very odd, in the middle of the night our daughter got down to 65 (her low alert is set at 80). None of our phones, including hers went off. Luckily I happened to wake up at 3:30AM or so. I went into her room and checked and saw she was 65. Thought maybe we slept thru an alert then I looked at my phone and there were no notifications. All of the “dots” were there, but NO alerts sent to any of our 4 phones. I called Dexcom and have been on hold since about 4AM and since it is taking them forever to answer I wonder if this is an issue for others.

Only thought I have is that the “dots” do back-fill to a certain extent after a recovery if there has been a drop-out. But that is disturbing. Do let us know what you find out when you finally get through to Dexcom tech support.

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They didn’t have an answer for me. Finally got a tech to answer and they said to uninstall the app from her iphone and reinstall. Won’t do that yet, will wait and see what happens throughout the day. If it continues I may try that.

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Something you might do is look at is the Clarity “Daily” report and make sure the “Alerts” setting is checked. Be curious if that shows an alert for that time on the report.

I have seen my dexcom change results before. But I don’t know why.
I had dropped to 55 I got an alarm and I ate some carbs and went on I got one more 56 and then I was in the 60s
When I looked back on my data it said 67 at that low point, 68 then 74.
But I am certain I had lower numbers at the time I got the alarm.
Dexcom told me that when it does a calibration adjustment it will change data.
However in this instance I didn’t calibrate at all.

Sounds like a similar situation maybe.

If I am sleeping with a lot of blankets, the data doesn’t always transmit.
It should throw a ‘No signal’ alarm. Although, maybe this doesn’t cascade into your notifications.