Dexcom App not alarming?

Two nights in a row, the Dexcom app has failed to alarm when our son has gone low, resulting in our son reaching the 40s and our father-in-law calling us because we were unaware. It is super scary.

Anyways, I’m trying to figure out what’s going on. Has anyone else experienced this and what worked to fix the problem? Did you have to uninstall and reinstall the app? Were you inadvertently putting your phone in a mode where it did not alarm? My ringer with Dexcom Follow was on, but my son’s Share app had the ringer silenced. But my phone and my husbands also did not alert at all.

Any ideas on how to fix this??? I’m going to put my computer up on my nightstand with Night Scout open to prevent this from happening for now, but I know my husband is the one mostly doing nights and he’s much more used to using his phone. He also has the Night Watch app and it did not alarm either. :angry:

Are you both using the latest G5 app? Get the latest G5 and you will have more alarms than you know what to do with. :wink:

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We didn’t actively update it, we downloaded it about 4 months ago. It’s G5 with Share, I thought updates are automatic though?

The latest G5 app is version 1.5.1. Check your sons phone and see if this is what he has.

I agree with Anthony - update and you will wish that it would actually start missing the alarms again.