G6 sensor errors

The restart worked this time with removal of the transmitter. I just reinserted it after the 30min wait time and used my original code.It was really easy to remove from the sensor pod. This will make it more affordable.

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If there is any bleeding at all at the sensor site, that is likely to cause probs. That’s a known issue.

I’m having better luck with this lot of sensors. Also, its working better using “no code” method, for me.

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My wife is just hours away from her first G6 install. She’s waiting for the FedEx truck as I write this. She is going to be the guinea pig of our family. I’m content to stick with the G5 for as long as the powers-that-be let me (that would be Medicare).
Even if it works well for her, that doesn’t mean I’ll have an identical experience. Her and I have vastly different results with the G5, with me being the luckier one.

I have been getting alot of sensor errors. I am wondering if it has to do with the restart I did 7 days ago.

Its totally possible. You get some questionable performance, even without the restart, right? Try “no code” with your next sensor. But, you could also just have a bad batch of sensors.

@Dee_Meloche I never got sensor errors until this last restart. I used to only get them the day the sensor would start going wonky. The last sensor restart the sensor was working perfectly, almost exactly spot on with my meter, but when I restarted it it restarted way off, tons of sensor errors and I calibrated it over the next 2 days and it still would revert to being way off. It was only on for 22 days. So I put on a new sensor and this one was all over the place too, after numerous calibrations it finally started behaving itself somewhere between 1-2 days…

But the simplest answer is no I usually don’t until this last one.

Did you just start a new shipment of sensors? Or, have the other ones in this box/lot been ok?

They came out of the same box. The first restart was fine. But the second time it started way off and kept going back to bad numbers and I was calibrating it constantly. It had been almost perfect before the restart. The new one I then started off wildly low and I started calibrating it right away, I was tired of a bad sensor destroying my numbers lol…It kept asking for more calibrations and finally started behaving , I almost had pulled it off too.

If it has anything to do with the same box I am now wearing the third one in the pack and just am going through the first restart process, I am curious how it will do.

The restart on this one came out great. It was off a significant amount at first and I calibrated it right away and then the next morning I calibrated it again fine tuning it within a point.