G6 sensor errors

Does anyone get alot of sensor errors after restarting your g6 sensor? I have gotten about one a day. It is very annoying.

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I get the sensor errors at about day 7 or 8 of the 10day wear. Call dexcom every time and they will send me replacements however is very frustrating. I would say my Dexcom is 60-70% effective. At times it is off 20-40 points from my meter. Gotta be a better monitoring device.

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There was a thread about this subject that was created. I got that error last night and 1 this morning. Right now I have been having alot of site issues. I hit veins constantly. The worst is when it happens during the night. If I can’t get something to work I might consider going back to injections. This is soooooo frustrating.

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I have found my G6 to be very accurate and not give me errors except when I slept on it. I phoned Dexcom and they explained that the sensor may have hit muscle tissue (since I have very little fat), and then the reading will give error messages or be inaccurate. So I put my next sensor in gently, to stay away from the underlying muscle tissue, and not in a place I would sleep on - I am a stomach and back sleeper, so I put it over to one side. That sorted my problems.


I think she means restarting. She been rooting around in the restarting docs.

Just to throw this out there, Dee, Dexcom does not recommend restarting and states that there might be unusually high error after restarts. Although, I don’t know who has definite information on this - probably your sensor restarters. They are all listed over on DrBB’s giant “Dreaded G6…” post. Hopefully they chime in.

I am also considering manual injections again. I’m glad to hear you say it because at least I know who to discuss it with.

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I am a restarter and mine are actually very accurate. I calibrate new sensors on day 1 or 2 and retest after about 5 days or if I feel I need to. For a restart I calibrate the first day and it usually stays accurate until the next restart.

I feel I do need those calibrations, but I have never tried to ride out numbers being off past 24 hours because I have always calibrated once or twice by then.

I only start to lose the connection when the sensor starts to go bad, for me that happens a lot around day 26. When I lose the connection some weird numbers will start coming up after it regains connection. Sometimes it just starts with numbers being off and it doesn’t lose the connection, those are sometimes harder to catch. But I use my sensor to dose and I can tell most of the time my numbers are not making sense that it’s going off.

The interesting thing is this last sensor only lasted 22 days, but I put it on the front of my arm and also had to switch to a new transmitter, so I’m not sure if one of those had an influence on it going bad faster because they have almost always lasted at least to day 25. I did have one go at 14 days once. So the new one is on the front of the other arm and I will know for next time around if that isn’t as good of an area to place them for me.


I too have very little fat and may be why sensor sessions do not last the full 10 days. Heck I just had to change mine 5 days into the new session. Very frustrating. Seems like the right side of my body (abdomen) does not last as long as the right one. I called the Dexcom tech support and they have never heard of that and attributed my short cycle to scar tissue suggesting I use this site too often? I use b/l abdomen for sites. Have never tried other sites as they are not recommended.

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Do you use the same sensor when you restart?

Yes, same sensor. There is a thread on restarts. I wear them for about 25 days usually.

Several options are listed, it depends whether you have a older or newer model transmitter now to which method will work

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So when my receiver tells me that my sensor session will end in 3 hours, let it end then remove the transmitter and reinsert the same transmitter into the current unremoved sensor?

There are two ways to do it. It depends what number your transmitter starts with. But I think for all the sensors this method works. It’s really easy to remove the transmitter.
I find the sensors that I restart stay very accurate for me although you still have to calibrate them the first and maybe second day. They can be pretty far off when they first restart for a few hours, so I calibrate them pretty fast and then fine tune it hours or the next day later. Sometimes they stay spot on with the first calibration.

Warning, you only know when they go wonky after they have gone wonky lol, you will start getting some numbers that might not make sense and you check and it’s way off, if you try to calibrate they go off again. This usually happens for me somewhere between 25-35 days. Mine also give me warning by starting to lose the signal a bunch of times one day, then I’ll check it and sure enough it will be off.


Nov '19

This video has the instructions on how to restart G6 sensors that say “No restarts” - I tried it today and it worked! :slight_smile: Thank you to Type1Tech TipsnTricks!

G6 sensor restarts with 8G

I’d typed up the steps since the video is long:

  1. stop sensor on phone & receiver (or wait until session ends)
  2. use a test strip or thin card to pop transmitter out of old sensor (still in your body) - there is a hidden clip in middle of sensor - try to get it to raise up slightly on both sides and the transmitter will come out.
  3. wait at least 30 minutes (longer is ok)
  4. snap transmitter back in old sensor
  5. on receiver & phone, start new sensor session using original code

We have been unsuccessful with restarts since using G6. It’s not even worth trying because it only serves to extend the blackout period.

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I have tried to remove the transmitter and it is not easy. It is almost not worth the time and effort to restart my sensor. If I can find an easy way I might think about it.

The transmitter removal way I think works on all of the transmitters? It’s actually not hard once you do it a couple of times, it’s just at first you don’t know what you’re doing.

I just put on a new transmitter a few weeks ago and this one is requiring the transmitter to be removed for restarts.

PS Wouldn’t it be nice if we all were all reachable with other T1’s and we could go see our friend down the street to show us in person? Sigh at least there is UTube.

Yes, it would be. I needed to order more sensors and when I did I thought I would order another starter pack. With those you get the transmitter for free. Dexcom has thought of everything. They only let you order that once. My transmitter is on my arm so removing might be more difficult. Maybe someone could make a video on how to remove the transmitter.

I realized after I said that m that I hadn’t checked utube. I watched the video you shared . Maybe I’ll try it next time.

The top one is the one I watched originally, but it looks like one of the others might have a closer up picture!