Accuracy after g6 restart

I read the posts about restarting G6 after 10 days. I have done it twice now with no problems. Restart is seamless. Accuracy is NOT last one I did it was 100 points above my actual blood sugar with no IOB exercise or food contributing to lag time. It did not right itself. I checked my BG 5 x my sugar was 130-135 calibrating was not possible the readings were too far apart. Yesterday I did a restart. It was a little better. 170 versus actual BG of 100. Again in a steady state. What affects accuracy in a restart? I’ve had occasional issues with new sensors as well of course but they right themselves after 12 hours or so. I’m on control IQ so 170 when I’m 104 is not going to work

Mine is always 50-100 points higher after a restart. I always immediately do a meter check then calibrate. It’s always accurate after that.

How opposed are you to just pulling the sensor when its that far off?
My only other guess is to run no code mode.

Yep, that sounds right. Mine are always crazy high upon restart, too.

I do a fingerstick halfway through the restart so I dose if need be, because I really try to be around 100 mg/dl when the first data point comes in. This seems to keep the variance down, and I can often get the calibration in one go. If the difference is too big, though you’ll have to break it up into two or more small step calibrations. Give it 15 minutes or so between calibrations.

You’ll get a feel for what’s acceptable when it gives you calibration errors.

Normal calibration rules still apply, too. You should be in range, where your fingerstick meter and Dexcom are both their most accurate. You should also have a flat arrow, giving your tech the best chance at matching one another.

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What’s the current best practice for restart? I did 2 successful restarts last month, but this time the app realized I was attempting to restart and said sensor could not be reused. Thanks for any help you can provide!

Do you remove transmitter ? How long do you wait? At least 20 minutes works for me. Maybe try waiting a bit longer.

Do you allow sensor stop (10 days),
or use app to stop sensor?

I have restarted using tandem pump, and before that the g6 receiver, so not sure if anything is different from dexcom app.

I stopped sensor a bit before end and removed transmitter for more than 15 minutes. Tried 2-3 restarts once with turning off bluetooth on phone. I think I may have succeeded now after checking on Dexcom users site on Reddit. A user there advised prying up on the wire to separate it a little from the surrounding tissue such that the transmitter senses a change in surrounding tissue prior to reinserting transmitter. Only 1hour remaining now in warmup, so think it may work. Maybe I’ll try using the receiver next time as you suggest, cause trying to lift out the wire just a little presents some risk of not being able to get it well seated again and may increase infection risk too, I guess.

I’m just gonna reiterate because I didn’t hear any feedback on this.

I’ve been running no code so it can easily be calibrated lately.
Today I started up by entering the code and it was 100 points off.


I have restarted many G6 sensors with success, and never tried to pry or mess with the wire. But I set timer for 20 minutes before starting. I don’t turn off bluetooth.

Hope it works for you this time.

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You shouldn’t have to pry the wire. I’m guessing you just missed a step or misunderstood something about the timing.

Are you stopping the sensor on all connected devices? The timer can’t start until everything connected to the transmitter stop talking to it, AND the transmitter has been removed from the sensor. If you only stop it on one device (say pump or receiver) it can take up to two minutes for the cell phone to receive the stop message, and it’s still gathering data.

I stop the sensor on my phone and pump. Pop out the transmitter. Clean the contacts with an alcohol wipe (pads the timer by ten seconds or so). Then start a 15 minute timer. Never had a failed restart.

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