Gaining Weight After a Month on Pump

Has anyone experienced weight gain after being on the pump? I started on the Medtronic MiniMed pump about a month ago. I do try to watch what I eat and exercise 4-5 times a week and I got on the scale this morning and I am up in weight almost 10 pounds. I don’t understand this!! Any suggestions?

Well, R your BG’s better? and Lower Carb eating ( under 100 Tot CarbsPer day) is a starting point… then getting and staying in the Mid 50’s-75 TC’s a day is ideal… And Not to forget, As we get older, we will gain weight, regardless of exercise… And How’s your parents weight? It’s in the Genes… they say over 50% of our weight comes from them… So, it can be 1 or several of these reasons…

I’m still a normal weight. About 140 now. I’m comfortable at 130-135. My father was heavy; my mother was not. My blood sugar is getting better I woke up in the 130s which is sooooooo much better than it was. I was usually in the 200s. I do cardio and resistance exercise at least 4 times a week. Sometimes it is 5. I try to just do weights (resistance) one day per week along with abs. So, I’m an exerciser. I’m bummed because not only do I have to watch carbs…I have to watch calories and fat. I feel like I spend my life ready the sides of boxes and bags and wondering if I am eating too much. I’m just getting frustrated with all this. Thanks for your input. I do appreciate it.

I eat small portions, some low carb variety of foods. This way my Insulin doseage stays down. My Parents are/were the same as yours. My Mom a light-weight and my Dad heavier. I tend to take after my Dad’s side more in that way, so if I eat more than I should and exercise less then I gain weight easily. I’m normally around 125 lbs. which is Good for my height.

It’s Nice that your fasting blood sugars are much Better. Exercise is important to continue to bring down blood sugars and to keep your body working Better. Your weight gain could also be from more muscle mass due to your exercises. That’s Good weight. Sometimes I just feel heavier but when I weigh myself, I’m around the same weight. Weird.

I didn’t gain weight but couldn’t lose any. Doctor said I was feeding the pump. You need to stay on a caloric diet; ie counting calories and that will also bring down the carbs too. I talked to a nutritionist and she calculated my daily intake so I could lose on the average 1 lb a week. It seems to be working. My A1c is down and I lost some weight and I am using less insulin per day too.

How much insulin are you using pre/post pump? That will tell most of the story IMO.

Insulin is a make fat drug. Not sure what to do. You can ask the Dr. to add metformin an oral pill to see if that cuts your insulin needs. If so less insulin = less weight gain. Super low carb diet would also help again less insulin = less weight gain.

that happened to me when i first started pumping and in like 4 years on being on the pump and in those 4 years ive gained 28 pounds. recently i went to the doctor and we lowered my basal rates about half and in about 3 months ive lost 12 pounds.

This is not complicated. Burn what you take in or gain weight. This is true whether you are on a pump, MDI, or a heart patient. Eat less. Or exercise more. Or gain weight.

Thanks everyone. I exercise about 5 times a week. I do cardio and resistance training so that is why I got frustrated. I only use about 35 units a day on average, which I don’t think is a lot. I’m trying to cut my carb intake even more. Thanks a bunch!!

I was on Lantus 100u per day and Novalog injections for meals, average 60 and corrections 15 so about 175. my average is now below 100u per day. around 96.

Hi Gayle,
So this post was obviously a few years ago :) but I am wondering if things evened out for you as far as the weight gain on the pump? Did you stay on the pump? I am considering going to to the pump and as I was reading about it I was so excited about getting on it until I read one of the side affects was weight gain! I, like you, work out at least 4-5 times a week which totally has improved my blood sugar and I feel so much better too. I don't want to gain 10 pounds. I think that would kill my gym motivation. :) What are your thoughts a few years down the road....?

i went on the pump about 11yrs ago and i couldnt have been happier. i lost 30 lbs rather quickly; my body was so used to having so much xtra insulin on board (long-acting NPH and LENTE) (this was obviously B4 fast acting insulin came along). when i began on the pump, i had set basal rates, which were quite low (and still R); the less insulin floating around in my body, the less fat i was producing(remember that insulin is a hormone). so once i kept to a low carb, low calorie diet, the weight just fell off. also, i was so intimidated by the pump, i was afraid to push any buttons, so for a while i was too frightened to eat. now, 11+yrs ltr, i am still at my goal weight (BTW 108-110lbs) same as i was in high school, and i am now 48yrs old.the only excersize i do is walking (everywhere; i live in NYC which is a walker friendly town). good luck to you and congrats on becoming a pumper!

With better control, all those calories that you used to pee into the toilet are now staying in your body. This is the curse of better control. Makes you realize that you need to eat less, because before you got into a habit that you needed more food.

I have always been extra lean. I did gain about 20 lbs when I started my pump, but I lost most of that in 6 months or so just by running more.

Now I am dealing with middle age sag. I still weigh the same but It takes more work to fight gravity.

I have excellent control now as a pen user. Do you think the weight gain would be less since my blood sugar is already pretty well controlled, or is it something that I just have to accept will probably happen due to the insulin being delivered differently. I'm trying to educate myself as much as possible before I take this next step.

If you are not spilling much or any glucose, then your weight should not change on the pump.

I have been pumping for 7 years and did not gain weight, but when I started using CGM and tightened up my control, I did gain. So like everyone else I had to limit my intake a bit and exercise more.

I know that sounds like a crazy fad way to lose weight, but it really does work :)

i lost about 30 lbs when i went on the pump. i was too frightened to eat, having to use all those buttons.