Weight Gain on Pump?

So I’ve been on my insulin pump for a month now, and in this short time I have gained 15 pounds. I work out 3 times a day. Is this normal to gain so much weight in such a short time? If anyone has any tips to help me lose this weight and to keep me from gaining anymore weight please let me know. I really don’t want to go shopping for new pants … LOL

Whoops!!! I work out 3 days a week not a day :slight_smile:

I’m still working on that. For me, though, the weight gain started before I began pump therapy. It was when I first started “intensive treatment” --DCCT-style. I’ve just had to cut back on snacks and portions. It seems like --with greater control- I crave carbs more, and I think my portions just got bigger a little at a time.

Since paying more attention to what I eat --most of the time- I’ve lost over half of the weight I gained in that one year. I haven’t succeeded in making the other 40% go away, yet.

Be back later. I’m gonna go get a celery stick with just a smidge of PB. :slight_smile:

Maybe I should have a celery stick with PB. The only problem is PB is my biggest weakness. I hate to admit it but I tend to snack on Peanut butter the most. Maybe, I should start buying the reduced fat PB and cut down on my calories for awhile. Well, good luck with losing the other 40%. I’m sure you can do it :slight_smile:


I think my weight gain came when I started insulin period. When I started insulin I was 125; now I am 135. I am actually curse to see what I weigh now. I was telling my husband I need to go back to the strict me because like you I refuse to go by a pair of jeans higher than a sz 5.


I gained weight when I was first diagnosed too. I was 110 and then I jumped up to 140. My metabolism must have been better then because I was able to lose most of the weight. I was sitting comfortable at 117 now I jumped back up to 140. Man, I can not believe I am sharing my weight :wink: I guess I have to work even harder now.

diana, i did the same thing. after i was diagnosed and started on insulin i gained 30 pounds and it has always been a struggle to try to lose the weight esp, now that i am almost 42. :frowning: what i try to do is exercise at least 5 days a week (cardio and weights) and try to eat low carb as much as possible.

The only advise I can give is eat less so you bolus less. When you do that successfully let me know how you did it!!! I do long distance biking up to 100 miles a week and it is still very hard to lose weight. Part of it is that you have to eat or drink something with carbs in it while you exercise to prevent going low. Removing the pump is a bad idea because then your BG is high 2 hours later.
Portion and snack management are probably the best methods along with the continued working out. You may find it hard to sustain 3 workouts a day by I applaud you for working at it that hard.

Good Luck

HAHA… I just noticed I wrote I work out 3 times a day. Trust me, I’m not that dedicated. I will have to edit that. I work out 3 days a week for an hour and a half.

When I first started using the pump I also gained 15 lbs. I started working out and although I didn’t lose weight I lost inches.
I maybe a bitt heavier than I used to be, but I am in great shape and my diabetes has never been under such good control.

I gained weight on shots, and have been able to maintain or loose a few lbs on the pump. I turn my basal rate down a couple of hours before exercising, and/or also take less insulin to cover food before exercising, then burn off the carbs that way. It also keeps my insulin sensitivity high, so that I’m using less insulin overall.

Hi Diana,

Also been on a pump now for just over a month and have also put on weight - about 6 pounds ( I expected the opposite!) I was on MDI for 20 years and am now on less insulin, so to me, it doesn’t make sense. The only thing I can think it is for me is that I have had loads of hypos whilst trying to sort out the levels with the pump and its weight put on from eating all that sugary stuff… I don’t really have any tips to keep you from gaining weight but thought I would drop a line so you knew it wasn’t only you. Perhaps you are now on more insulin, hence the weight gain?

diana, i have been struggling with this for the past 7 years! i have been every size from 0-12I was diagnosed nov 2000. I really dont understand the weight gain thingi have been working from september of 2007 till now at least 4-6 times a week and lost a total of like 2 ppounds its the most frustrating thing ever. i was talking to someone yesterday who said it took them 18 months to lose 15 pounds. hang in there is all i can say. it sux but just know i hear you.