Gary Scheiner Fan Club?!?

I want to wear a Think Like a Pancreas tee- shirt and put a poster of Gary Scheiner up in my bedroom!!!

His explanations are so crystal clear and helpful. I just love that he gives you starting points that are rational and then tells you how to tweak things because you WILL be unique.

How sensible is this quote: “The goal is to have blood sugar levels that are within a desirable RANGE most of the time.” Hello? MOST of the time. Not perfection. Not flying all over the map like a demented crow in a tornado. In range MOST of the time.

Just reading his calm, rational, grounded prose makes me feel better.

I wish I’d read his book the day it was published. Thanks to all the folks on TuD who recommended it.

I agree that it’s a really great book. I find his spirit infectiously pleasant.

Yep. It’s like having the nicest uncle in the world who also happens to be a genius about managing diabetes.

How did we get to be so lucky?

I just got this book and I am really enjoying it! Tons of good information and really well written!

You’re a Gary groupie, Jean:) Great book. Glad you’re enjoying it!

Well…I won’t be getting a tattoo of his face on me shoulder, but I will be Google-stalking him to watch for news of future publications.

I did their remote client program which went ok, but I didnt really have the money. They are in Philly, so if you live there it’s more convenient (this is through his company Integrated Diabetes), His work is excellent, and very helpful. Now he has online University courses you can pay to take. The web site has some nice resources as well.
I asked him a question the other day about pump shopping/insurance stuff, and am following his suggestion on something.
We’ll see if it works out. He’s nice enough to take the time to write back, even though I am no longer a client.
Btw, he has another book “The Ultimate Guide to Accurate Carb Counting.”
“Hard-to-find food listings, Interpreting food label lingo, Use of carb factors and portions, and Adjustments for fiber and sugar alcohols.” I use it for certain ethnic foods…

I dunno. I see a Gary FB page looming in your future!

OK, I see an on-line class in my future. ;0)

I have a big Internet mouth.
If someone is offering good service, I’ll say so.
If not, watch out!

We PWD’s gotta stick together and tell it like it is. It’s a jungle of misinformation out there – full of people selling shark magnets and miracle cure crunchies.

Agreed. And I have to say, after I had to drop their service they kept me on their newsletter and on a few occasions they answered a question or two about some things. So the only way I can pay that back, is word of mouth. Of course, it helps that the books are well written, good books! :slight_smile:

I love the idea of a “Think Like a Pancreas” t-shirt. I just think it would be hilarious.

But yes, the book is amazing. I have read it three times now and will likely read it again. So much good information and an attitude that makes managing diabetes actually seem doable. What I liked the most was the information about how to adjust insulin dosages based on real-world factors. This is something I have never been able to get from any endo I’ve seen and it drives me crazy. I’m very active and too many endos have simply told me to cut back on my intensive physical activity, rather than teaching how to adjust things to fit into my active lifestyle.

I think the fact that he’s on a pump gives him an ‘unfair’ advantage over mere mortal endos.

He knows that “just stay at home, wrap yourself in cotton and eat the exact same thing every day” is NOT gonna fly with most PWDs!

Diabetics are people, too!!! LOL. We’re gonna LIVE our lives and our protocol just has to keep up.