Hi. I’m seeing a new dietician in a few weeks who specialises in gastroparesis. She suggests we will trial a liquid only diet and see how my symptoms go. I can’t take the drug domperidone as it causes me heart arythmias so diet is my only treatment plan at this stage. Anyone else with this complication tried a liquid only diet - under medical supervision of course.

A pureed diet is effective for most patients and tastes much more like ordinary food, so you should try this before resigning yourself to a liquid diet.

Yes. A liquid only diet is making me a bit nervous to be honest. It’s only a trial and would not be permanent and some foods introduced slowly if my symptoms improve. I’ll discuss the puréed option with her as well before I commit to anything.

Hi Amelia,
I have had Type 1 for 25 years and I also have stomach issues. Not 100% sure it’s Gastroparesis. I’m supposed to have a test for that. My doctor years ago said too cut out certain meats like steak or large portions of meat and that help my stomach. Sometimes I do protein shakes with Almond milk and fruit.

I had an endoscopy where they had me do a liquid diet for a few days and it’s crazy but I felt so much better not eating. I have bad pains and constant nausea. Some of my issues are from inflammation (which isn’t from the Diabetes). I haven’t taken meds for it though. I don’t have issues vomiting so it might be mild Gastroparesis. Either way it is worth a try to see info it helps. I never want to eat now a days so going without food was not an issue for me.

When I did my liquid only diet I tried protein shakes that were not high in sugar. If you haven’t seen a dietitian yet ask about those. You can add a small amount of spinach or other healthy things that could be full of nutrients. I haven’t tried spinach that is something a dietitian mentioned to me before. So not sure what types of food is ok for Gastroparesis. I just know my doctor said to limit meat and eat small meals.

Thanks Kristy :slight_smile:
I appreciate your reply. I’m seeing a dietician. Am doing liquid only for three meals a day to start with - sustagen hospital formula. I haven’t noticed much difference yet but it’s still early days I guess. Like you said small meals often seems to be the advice given. I need higher carb though to put on weight according to the dietician.

You should definitely ask your dietitian if they know any other things that can help. I have tried some digestive enzymes, probiotics, and different supplements. Maybe they would know of some good things to try. The nutritional shake idea might work. I have done some with my teenager. They can definitely be higher in calories in you want that. We just use a blender and throw some fruit & almond milk, peanut butter with ice. But you could put in almost anything that you like. I found a protein powder for weight lifters since I know I don’t get enough protein and just use half a scoop. Plus it’s a lot easier to digest. My child like to add ice so it is more like a smoothie.


Protein powder sounds like a good idea. I’ll look into that to add to shakes.

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I have been diagnosed with gastroparesis myself. Like mentioned before, instead of eating 3 large meals, I eat smaller portions throughout the day. I also put protein whey powder on as much as I can, it’s tasteless. They also give me a protein supplement at dialysis, but there’s plenty of low sugar protein supplements you can get. I used to throw up all the time, and get horrible stomach pain when I woke up. I found a couple of things that worked for me. First, wait awhile before you lay down after you eat. Might sound simple, but for me, it takes awhile to digest my food completely. And I sleep on a bunch of pillows, almost to the point that I’m sitting up. (maybe on a 35-45 degree angle) Sounds uncomfortable, but it’s not bad. For me, the gastric acid only gets in my throat if I’m flat, or if I’m flat laying on my side. It has helped me.

I know everyone is different, but just a couple things you can try.

Thank you for that advice. It’s a terrible complication isn’t it ? It’s funny but I have been sleeping on extra pillows lately myself and it does seem to help a bit.
I’ll look into protein powder also. Sounds like a good idea. I need to gain weight badly.

Hello. I have gastroparesis. I have been on liquids only and isn’t so bad. When you get used to it. You can do broth, drinks like Glucerna. Hello. I figured if I could handle the liquids, it sure beat getting sick and vomiting with eating.

Don’t resign yourself to a liquid diet until you have tried a pureed diet and found it doesn’t solve your problem. Many patients have found relief and a more natural way of eating just by mincing or pureeing their food.

Hi Tonya, Thanks for your reply. How long have you been in liquids only ? I am combining light foods and liquids at the moment. I do have less symptoms of stomach fullness with the liquids. It’s tough getting used to. I’m still very underweight.

Hi. I’m combining both liquid and lighter foods at the moment- like yoghurt and apple purée. I’m finding it depressing being so restricted and get frustrated at not being able to eat anything I want. All part of the condition I guess.

Amelia, when my symptoms are at their worse I will do liquids only. I had a PEGJ tube placed for feeds in July as I was getting where it was even hard at times to keep liquids down and my blood sugars were getting low throughout the day several times.

Sorry to hear you needed a jtube. Are you on the pump or injections ? I’m back on injections and find it easier to be honest as I was having so many problems with the pump.

Thanks. I am on the pump. It has been hard getting these sugars stabilized with the no eating some days, eating a little others. Always seems to be a gamble.

Tonya Johnson

Yes. It’s so unpredictable. A very brutal complication. Unless you have it it’s impossible to understand how tough it is.
I certainly wish we didn’t have it but glad to know I’m not alone. All the best :slight_smile:

I have been on and off domperidone to control gastroparesis symptoms three different times during my life, and while I have been off of it for the past three years, I expect I will be on and off it again a few more times in the future. There is no telling why it suddenly gets better or worse, but it certainly has nothing to do with blood sugar control in my experience. At least you can hope for a likely remission someday. The worst cases are when a patient has to be fed through a j-tube inserted in the abdomen, which can get infected and can smell bad, to say nothing of the loss of all pleasure in eating. Fortunately my gastroparesis has never gotten that bad – yet.

Yes. I am hoping for some sort of remission. I’m also fortunate mine is probably considered mild at this point although it doesn’t feel that way all the time. I’ve had domperidone in the past but it caused a heart arythmia so had to stop it. So bland, puréed and liquid diet for now.