General Anesthesia and Type 1 Diabetes

Next week I will be put under general anesthesia for the first time and I am a type 1 diabetic. My surgery will be 7am, first of day and I'm well controlled on an insulin pump with a dexcom. I am looking for people to share their experiences with being put to sleep as a type 1 diabetic. Any and all advice would be so very much appreciated!!!!
Thanks in advance!!

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we wish you well!

I had ankle surgery done August of 2012. I was put under without any complications! The doctors just suggested that my sugars be under 200 before the surgery. I checked them minutes before being administered the anesthesia and also an hour before. I didn't have any lasting effects afterwards either. My doctors were very good about making sure to check my sugars during the procedure, so just make sure they are very aware and take great care of you! Good luck! :)

When I had my elbow put back together had it. Basically just make sure they all know first you are D and what you are on, and they will monitor things more closely throughout. Came round and levels we're pretty perfect...ok I wasn't coherent but that's not much change from normal :P All the best with the op :)

I was under general anesthesia to get my wisdom teeth out. It was no biggie. I don't even fully remember how diabetes played into the picture. I told the doctor performing the surgery, made sure my blood sugars were okay before surgery, and I was good to go. My mom was also with me, which was probably good. It's good to have someone there who is somehow involved with your diabetes, especially after when you are out of it and need to remember to test...

Good luck!

I got very sick after surgery. My doc told me that diabetics have this reaction more often than non diabetics. My glucose was monitored by the staff. I didn’t have a pump or cgm at the time though. They told me to eat breakfast and talk half my insulin for breakfast.
Of course I woke up feeling sick and at 200 mg/ dl. But I came through fine.
The real danger is going low during the procedure.