Diabetics And Surgery

Hello All,
I have a surgery on my shoulder coming up next month and will be knocked out for a few hours. As I am fairly new to being a diabetic, I have never stumbled across a post or discussion on this, so hopefully everyone could shed some light on my situation. Obviously I know that the doctors will be aware of the situation, I just want to know what precautions the take during the operation? Do they check my BG every 20 min and deliver glucose/insulin as needed? Or what happens if I start to crash during the Op?
If any of you guys and gals out there can answer or add to the discussion, please do!


just a few of the discussions I found on the type1 forum

personally, the last time I had surgery, I was out for less than an hour, but I made sure I was running somewhat high before I went in. good luck, hope it all goes well for you.

Thank you! That calmed me down and answered all my questions!

I'm on a pump and had surgery on my shoulder and everything went just fine. Kept the pump on but I think they had me turn it down a bit. Surgeons and attending will all be aware of your diabetes and they will keep a check on your blood sugars throughout. They were all very attentive prior to surgery and there was even a special diabetes team that met with me before, checked my BS and all my settings and I think we also let it ride a bit high before. If there was ever a place where things could be dealt with quickly what better place than when surrounded by doctors nurses!