Generic test strips

My cost for three months of contour next strips is going to be over $500. Can I get cheaper no name strips that would be compatible? Would I need a prescription?

How many strips is that? Are you getting 1,250 strips?

Because without a prescription and without insurance, you can buy them for about 35-40 cents per strip!

That’s the problem with insurance stuff!

Don’t get a different strip. Contour Next strips are the absolute best. The most accurate and consistent strip available. Just buy them yourself and they are pretty affordable.

Contour test strips are 50 cents apiece online. If you’re using 10 strips per day, you will probably be happier spending money on a cgm and saving your fingers.



The prices vary from time-to-time, but as of today they are 38 cents at both Amazon and Walmart. On eBay they are even cheaper.

A CGM is a great thing to have. So is a BG meter. But using both is really the best way to go. They compliment each other very well.

A crappy BG meter is worthless. Some of them are just random number generators.


Get them off ebay. Been doing for years. 30 to 35 bucks for 100. Contour next. Never a date or quality problem.


So they can be purchased without a prescription? eBay I understand. Or Facebook marketplace.

Yes for sure

For buying contour Next without insurance, look for OTC/no Rx strips. Contour Next is marketed with an odd ball number of strips that doesn’t match quantities for insurance. Those are considerably less expensive per strip than what strips bought with insurance cost.

CGM with few strips for calibration/verification should be less than $500 per month and may help blood glucose control.

Yes. But if you want to use a discount program (like GoodRx) you need an Rx. That may be because there are people out there who get lots of strips from their insurance and then sell them.

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