Newly diagnosted

What is A1C?

What is normal Glucose reading?

Where can you get cheap test strips for a Contour reader?

Why is everything so expensive with this disease?

Welcome to the community Chris!
When I was first diagnosed I found this website (Blood Sugar 101) very helpful on the diabetic terminologies…
We also have a Diabetes Glossary here that may answer your first and second question…
Im not very sure where to get inexpensive test strips for Contour, but Im sure other responders may be able to help.
Indeed managing diabetes can be costly…I agree with you. My insurance covers only so much and I also have to shoulder most consumables. I guess Ive just viewed it that it is a small price to pay for living a healthy normal happy life…
Hope this helps a bit =)

Hi Chris welcome aboard! As far as cheap Contour strips- you simply won’t find them for much less than $1 a strip. Some members have said they were able to find strips on Ebay but that could be a potential place to get scammed. I wold suggest going to WalMart and getting their Reli-On meter (I think you can get it for like $8) and their strips are only about $0.40 a strip.

A1C is a compilation of your readings over a 3 month period. It is best to be under 7.0. I Have BC.VS so my test strips for over 100 cost me $5. I uses One Touch Ultra mini meter. There is a group here…go to top of banner click on Groups scroll around until you see FREE STUFF that might give you some ideas. MossDo gave you give advice their meter and strips at Walmart not too pricey. Reed

Hi Chris, so sorry you now have Diabetes. What kid have you been diagnosed with?

Has your Doctor given you meds, and what kind are they?
If you have Medical Ins, your Dr can write out a Scrip for the Test strips, it will lover the cost you pay.

I have a Walmart Brand, the meter is 9 dollars., and the strips for 100 are 36 dollars. I am type 1, I eat about the same things each day, just different kinds. I eat Meat, veggies and salads. I eat Atkins bars or eggs and sasuage for breakfast., I eat 1 bowl of Pumpkin Flax granola at night. I have been eating like this for yrs, and my Diabetes is under good control.

So get your eating on a good healthy tract, and drink lots of healthy non sugar liquids… If you drink soda, please give that a Hard talk with yourself and rid it. Or go diet…

I hope everything works out:)

I have Type 2, the doctor prescribed Victoza and Lipitor. My doctor is pretty much useless, I went today to get a script for test strips and he asked how often I test my blood. I told him 4 to 6 times per day. They told me i only need to do it once a day. How am I supposed to figure out where my glucose is and what messes it up if I am only getting results once per day. It seems like the doctor wants to make a diagnosis but doesn’t want to treat me. The lady from the diabetes classes hasn’t called me back. I am so frustrated. I am lucky to have a great family and friends, this site and an amazing girl I just started dating about a week before I was diagnosed.