Getting insurance approval for test strips necessity (CGM would be icing on the cake)

Continuing the discussion from Meeting w/doc to discuss treatment options–Insulin &/or Victoza–my main fear–hypos–help?:

That’s another issue too that I hope my new endo can help me get my test strips approved through my insurance. My old endo was of no help. He gave me an Accu-chek Nano out of his office and wrote a prescription for test strips (check 1/x a day) but my pharmacy said the insurance (United Healthcare) denied me coverage. My understanding is that there were a couple of reasons–1) the doctor didn’t list me as a candidate for future insulin therapy–diet and exercise only; and 2) he didn’t put in an exclusion to not use the insurance’s “off brand” approved meters with strips to be ordered through specialty pharmacy. With my job working from 7 am to 6 pm I’m not home for the UPS man to deliver my supplies and the UPS store closes at 6 pm. The pharmacy is my best bet at getting my supplies and medications.

So I’ve been shelling out $100+ to monitor my blood sugars more than once a day. And it’s been an eye opener to see the spikes and lows. My mom has the same doctor and same insurance but different meter–Bayer Contour. She’s been approved for years and only pays $25 for her strips after she meets her deductible which is easy with insulin and syringes. He wrote her prescription for her to check 4/x a day.

I just don’t get it. It defeats the purpose in preventive care if you don’t give a person the necessary tools to help them in maintaining good health. Maybe this new endo I am seeing will be compassionate (and diligent) enough to help me get set up properly.

I want very good control. I don’t want to follow a doctor’s order of “you’re o.k. if you’re <200”.