Getting It Under Control

Yesterday I started something new with my insulin. I'm on Lantus and Glucotrol XL and right now I'm taking 32 units of insulin a day (or more) until I get my BG to where I want it in the mornings. I'm on a program called "Dosing & Titration." Basicly what I'm doing is adding to my insulin intake every week until I have my morning BG's where I want it. I research Lantus all the time so, I know that I am able to split my doses, do half if in the morning, six hrs later take my oral meds and then six hrs later take the other half of my insulin. Well today my sugar has been wonderful (eating right helps too). I'm feeling really good about this and I think I'm going to keep doing my insulin this way from now on. I'm really excited that my BG is coming down and within normal normal numbers. It has taken me a long time to get my numbers down so, I want to keep them there. :-) GO ME!!!!!!!!!

Insulin can really help manage T2 diabetes. I’m glad Lantus is working so well for you. When I was first diagnosed I took insulin and it let my pancreas recover enough before my endo decided to switch me over to Metformin. With all that you are doing, I am sure you will hit a good range of numbers and keep it that way.

Go Angela! :slight_smile:


Remember that Lantus is only a basal insulin, which means it is too slow to counteract the blood sugar rise caused by eating carbohydrates. If you are not cutting back on carbs, you might consider adding a meal-time insulin to your regimen.

I found that if I control my meals, my fasting improves dramatically without the need for a lot of basal.