Getting off Metformin ... dream or reality?


Hi all. This is my first post here. I was diagnosed T2 about 5 years ago. I would like to get off of Metformin, and maybe not start on whatever the next medication is.

  1. Have you ever asked your dr about doing this? What did s/he say how to do it or how likely it was that it could be done?

  2. What would you need to know to see if it’s possible to get off metformin?

  3. Have you been able to stop Metformin based on something you did like diet change, weight loss, exercise, etc? (Or do you know anyone who’s done it?) If so, what did you/they do and how did you/they do it?

Thank you!


at dx my A1c was 12.0. After 2 years i stopped metformin with an an A1c of 6.0 doing LCHF and lots of exercise, no weight loss. 30 carbs a day after 10 years still 6.0 or less.

IMHO stopping medications was not a requirement or goal, but an out come of hard work and tight control.

My goal was to be under 6.0 with metformin, or insulin or diet and exercise.
What ever was required. I stopped metformin because of some of the lessor known side effects.

My recommendation is to concentrate on controlling your diabetes with what ever tools you need


If you can reduce your A1C sufficiently then you can eliminate Metformin. However, it has to be understood that the same strict control which lowered your bgs will have to be continued in order to stay off Metformin. Good luck!


With diet and exercise, I lost 100 pounds and was no longer obese. I still exercise and eat right (for me). I have been able to stop taking Metformin for over 1 year and my A1c is consistently under 5. My fasting BG is under 100 unless I am ill or take a day off from diabetes.


Thanks for the reply. Wow! That’s really impressive you were able to do that. How long did it take you to get off Metformin after you did diet and exercise changes? And when you say “diet and exercise” can you give specific examples of the things you did? Like, how much exercise for how many days/wk? What sort of diet things? Thanks in advance!


Thanks for the reply, T2Tom. Congratulations on your success. I’m in awe of those that can change what they to do impact their health. I’m curious: When you say “lots of exercise”, what sort of activity, how long, how often, how strenuous?

And was the LCHF and 30carbs/day something you decided to do on your own, or did your doctor recommend that specifically for you?

And when you say “tight control”, did you get that feedback from blood sugar testing? If yes, how often?

Thanks in advance!


Lots of exercise = run 3 times a week 3+ miles run one 5k event once a month group work out once a week, no car walk 2
= miles a day. I tried some boxing did not like it LOL

I took a very good diabetes management course I learned to count carbs and eat to my meter and this where i ended up. My goal was less than 6.

I test 4 times plus or minus. Test before a meal to adjust carb amount. I test before and after exercise.

I was dx 10 years ag, there weren’t really LCHF or Keto then. I just figured out what worked for me.


Diet - I concentrated on a diet that gave good fasting BG results and would not cause high rises in BG after eating. The low carb/high fat diet helped me do this and would fill me up.

Exercise - I started with a 10,000 steps a day plan. All I could really do when first diagnosed was walk. I was too out of shape to do anything else. I would do my activities during the day and then walk in the evening to make 10,000 steps. Eventually, as I became more fit, I dedicated time to walking and had routes.

I lost 75 pounds just walking. Eventually I began running, swimming, and cycling. Cycling is now my preferred exercise. These activities helped me lose the rest of the weight. I have maintained my weight for 2 years now.

About 1 year in, my doctor wanted to see how I would do without Metformin but I fought that idea at first. It took about 6 months to convince me to try it. ~ Mike


Depending on your weight, body, and subtype of T2DM, strict diet and weight loss can bring you down to the point where metformin can be discontinued… at least for a time. I was off all diabetes meds for about 7 years, but time, regaining weight, reduced access to correct diet, social interactions, trigger foods, and lack of time to exercise sufficiently (i.e., 1 hr cardio, 1/2 hr weights daily) put me back on it. (That said, I’m about seven years on only 500 mg extended metformin/day, no other d-meds and maintaining A1c around 6.2.) Remember also that even if you can manage bgs at non-D levels without meds, your diabetes has merely gone into REMISSION, and may (some say WILL) recur at some time later where medications will be required.