Off medication, diet and exercise only!

Well, It has been a month since my Dr. told me I could stop taking my meds. I am doing it solely on diet and exercise now. My latest A1C was 5.6. My 7 day BG average is 97. I test 4 times a day. Once upon arising, two hours after starting a meal (I switch off on what meal) and before and after exercising.

Wow, George! Congratulations!!! This is the best news ever, I am envious. Tell me something about your diet and excercise regime?

I am type 2 (diagnosed over 10 years ago), but after some personal tragedies about 4 years ago, I just stopped taking meds, excercising – anything. So, in February of this year, after a bad bout with the flu, I went to the doctor to get myself right – an A1c of 12.5, BS of 335 and cholesterol at 356!

So, I have been super vigilant since March and now have an A1c at 6.7, I have lost 40 pounds and my cholesterol is 154. I am starting to exercise and trying to do a low carb diet. I take Metformin 1,000 ER 2x and Byetta 10 mcg 2x.

I would love to hear your suggestions, tips and tricks! I also dream of the day when I can get off meds and go with diet and exercise only – I am committed to staying in control with this darned disease.

Thanks, George and keep up the good work!

I follow the Bernstein program. Very low carb. It is not easy and most people think it is to extreme, but it works for me. I have a triglyceride level of 37, cholesterol is 162 and bp is 110 over 70. I lost over 70 lbs on the program and feel great!
For most of my recipes I go to Linda’s Low Carb Recipes. Here is the website:
She has great recipes with pictures and comments.

Great job George!

I was recently diagnosed and my GP has me doing the exercise/diet thing. I’ve lost 12 lbs so far but, I am seeking an endo’s advice in September. I think I may need medication to help me out. Then perhaps, I can get back off the meds.

I’m also doing Bernstein with a steady loss of a pound a week so far.


congradulations George. gives me incentive to try harder. thanks for the inspiration!

Great news, George! I’ve been off diabetes meds since January 2004, not with low-carb but with low-sodium and moderated calories. Weight and exercise have a lot to do with maintaining our health :slight_smile: