Getting sensors when on Medicare

When I turn 65 in November, I will no long have insurance coverage for my sensors for my G4.
What can I do?
I would appreciate any and all ideas you may have.

I found out 4 sensors cost $399.


Medicare won’t pay for sensors from any mfg. They are expressly not covered. Medicare doesn’t want to pay for CGM supplies but we are all hoping that will change sometime in the future and don’t hold your breath on that one.

I have a Medicare Advantage plan and so far, my sensors have been covered. My Advantage plan is through United Health Care.

It sounds like your plan covers things that Medicare won’t cover. I’ve got AARP (a “Medigap plan”) and they only pay for stuff that Medicare itself covers, so that my cost for many things is ZERO.

we are working on trying to change this @karen55

shout out to @Melissa_Lee & @BadShoe for all the work you’ve done advocating.


Thanks for the shout out. It should go to everyone who helps share the messages with Congress.

DC is nuts right now. Boehner is leaving. DC is running head long into another shut down.

We can help them focus on what matter outside of the Capital Beltway.

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When is DC not “nuts”? It’s been dysfunctional for a very, very long time.

The American Diabetes Association has an advocacy app that will help you contact your government officials regarding Medicare coverage for cgms.

Sarah :four_leaf_clover:

Fair. More nuts?

how is your AARP coverage? i am on medicare w/ united health care/oxford as my secondary. medicare won’t pick up a penny of my dex cgm supplies. the united health care pays for the whole kit and caboodle. when my husband retires, i will most likely have to have AARP as my secondary. i am slightly freaking out. i certainly don’t want to pay dexcom out of pocket. its prohibitively expensive.

i have contacted my Congressperson and Senators. One Senator (Joe Donnelly) has been a cosponsor, The other two Senator Dan Coats is leaving the Senate and has never commented. the other Representative Susan Brooks likes to say she is a member of the diabetes caucus (I have been sent two letters in tow years) but has never co sponsored of publicly supported or not supported the idea.


Sets are free w medicare and aarp. Sensors are not covered by either. my sensor cost is $53.12 each