Getting started on insulin pump

I found an article which helped me and want to share it with you here. It gave me a good reference starting point to calculate my insulin sensitivity and carb ratio. Here’s a snippet from the page (TDD is the average total daily dosage of insulin prior to starting pump therapy):

“To calculate the sensitivity to insulin (ie, the amount by which 1 unit of insulin will decrease the patient’s blood glucose level), divide 1800 by the TDD. To calculate the initial carbohydrate ratio (the number of grams of carbohydrate that 1 unit of insulin will “cover”), divide 500 by the TDD. The formula for the amount of a correction bolus (administered to correct an elevated blood glucose level) is: [(current blood glucose level) - (target blood glucose level)] ÷ (insulin sensitivity).”

Read the whole article here:

John, thanks so much for sharing this. I’m saving this article. I’m already on the OmniPod and I’m doing well. But I’m also going back to school pursuing an RN degree just to get my CDE. Great article. Thanks again.