Insulin calculations

How do I calculate how much insulin to inject with a BS =216,1:10 carb ratio, 25 correction factor, 1 unit for 40 over 120? I switched back to injections from the pump. Feeling silly but want to be sure I am calculating this right. Thx.

I think there are apps with similar functions available now as well (can’t recommend/vouch for any of them or for the calculator above first-hand since I personally use a pump, but Integrated Diabetes is a very credible source in general).

The general rule for correcting a high blood glucose needs a target number to start. I’m guessing from what you wrote is that your target is 120 mg/dL.

The first step is to calculate the amount of the correction you need:

216 - 120 = 96

Then use your insulin sensitivity or correction factor (yours is 25) and divide that into the number calculated above:

96/25 = 3.84 units of insulin

If you’re using a syringe and vial, I would round up to 4 units but if you want to add a margin of safety then deliver 3.5 units.

I’m a little confused about what “1 unit for 40 over 120” means. Perhaps your doctor wants to be more conservative with corrections that are near your 120 goal. If that’s true then your doctor may want you to take a less aggressive correction, but it does confuse the situation. If you can clarify, I might be able to check your math.

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Thank you, that was very helpful. I will clarify my doc’s orders.

Thx all for the help with my questions. I met with my CDE-NP and admitted that I needed help. She apologized for assuming I knew how to calculate doses bc I was on a pump. Prior to the pump-5yrs. ago-I used a SS. Only! She was shocked. Technology has leapt light years in that time. We then agreed, much to my dismay, that I didn’t have the best insulin therapy. Lesson learned… never assume anything.