Getting teeth pulled and put under tomorrow help

i was told by my ortho to not take any insulin beforehand now that seems odd to me and im freaking out because im on a pump and yeah. help would be great.

Melissa - I was put under for yanking out of all 4 wisdom teeth - woke up in recovery thinking - where’s the ice cream . At the time I wasn’t on a pump - but they had an IV with a drip of insulin going thru’ me in order to keep my BG’s level - and then I was back to regular “programming” once I left the hospital. Does your ortho know you wear a pump? I know for myself - I would still wear the pump - with my basal running - that should basically do what the IV drip of insulin was doing with me. I would assume you probably have been told not to consume any foods past midnight - or depending on when you go to the ortho - so you won’t be doing any bolus shots.

I had dental surgery done , while on the pump ( our Rottie sneezed and I lost teeth …long story ) and I always kept on pumping …bring lots of ice to put on jaws …you likely will get a prescription for anti biotics and pain killer …thinking of you …

Your doctor may have meant your bolus since you won’t be eating for hours before & hours after. You’d still need your basal insulin.

Good luck!

Maybe they mean that they will not be checking your bloods? They don’t want you to drop. Maybe have someone special with you to do it for you?

that’s what i think too.

I would continue basal insulin. Last time I was put under for foot surgery, I kept checking my bg up until the second they took me. Instead of shooting for a bg 80-100, I aimed for 150+. Yeah, I was nervous and they had a glucose IV for me just in case. I might even reduce my basal rate a bit. Hopefully you won’t be out that long. Ice and take your pain pills. If you think you don’t need them, by the time you start hurting again, it will take all that much longer for them to kick in again.
Take care!

Yes, definitely don’t stop all together (keep basal, not bolus) and make sure that they are instructed NOT to remove the pump.

You could perhaps reduce your basal rate by 10-20% in order to prevent lows. It might be better to be slightly high for the procedure. (Though I’m not sure about this.)

There should be someone monitoring your blood sugar though!

Can you ask your endo for instructions?

depends what insulin you are on. I was told to take half my regular dose of lantus the night before, but no regular and not to eat before surgery. it wasn’t to bbad since my surgery was at 8am. your body can not go without ANY insulin, or they will have to cancel the surgery until your bs is under control. During oral surgery (or any) they have an insulin drip as well as a dextrose drip on standby in case anything happens, and they monitor your BS every 45min or so.
with a pump, maybe reduce your basal rate, but allow it to continue to give insulin.

hi, just had foot surgery and was put under. i was told not to take insulin before either. i was under the impression that i was going to be on a glucose drip but i wasn’t.

anyway i hope your recovery goes well. im on crutches for another 4 weeks…nightmare.

take care

back from the surgery, it wasn’t bad, although me being dumb i had some water right before i went. it was ok though because he gave me this medication to force it into my intestines, when they knocked me out at first i got jittery and really dizzy and the last thing the doctor said to me was ok can you uncross your legs? i like to do that when im at the dentist. then i woke up, man i want that medication for home so i can get a good nights sleep.

Glad to hear that all went OK! How are your blood sugars now?

Hope the recovery goes smoothly!

right now? let me get my meter and check i just had my chocolate shake (yum),

ahhh 321. so not cool.

Hope you got lots of pain meds. When I had wisdom teeth pulled (stupid me had all four done at once), they were frugal with the Rx & I went through them in two days. Had to beg for more with the promise I wasn’t a junkie just in pain!

oh i should check that, plus they gave me oxycodon, yeah i will be loopy and whatnot. plus hey gave me ibuprofen. im surprised im not still loopy from the meds they gave me from the actual procedure.

Any trauma to the body sends it high.

Loopy is better than hurty.

I was so out of it when I left that I didn’t think I’d need pain meds. Good thing my husband didn’t listen & got the Rx filled anyway. Went to sleep as soon as I got home & then all the anesthesia wore off. Man, I was crying for pills then.

yeah im still having some highs but not too bad, and yay the swelling is going down dang i should have taken a picture of it yesterday when i first woke up. i looked like a chipmunk.

Do you have bruising? First I looked like a chipmunk & then a raccoon with black & blue eyes.

Hope you’re feeling ok.