Getting the voice of diabetes heard by Oprah and the world

When I saw this video that Michelle posted earlier I thought this was a great opportunity to have our voices be heard by Oprah and the world. We can reach out to her to try to get her to focus her show at least once on diabetes, as a means of raising awareness.

How to do this? Very easy, fill out this form on the Oprah web site and let her and her production team know how you feel about diabetes, what things you feel need to be addressed, why is it important for her to help us raise awareness and anything else you can think of to share with her (of course, please tell her about TuDiabetes too!)

I am sure we can make an impact by having hundreds of us letting Oprah know about this, so she hopefully focuses one of her shows on diabetes!


submitted my entry!

Thanks Manny! There are a bunch of parents ready to hit her full steam this week. We plan to flood her inbox. We also have our eyes set on a lot of media.

Thanks for noticing! It makes it feel worth the work. Of course, we all know what the big payoff would be!

submitted my entry.

To be the voice of dissent, here, do we really want Oprah’s production team deciding the face of diabetes? Oprah tends to be extremist, and I doubt that she will paint diabetes in a positive light. Diabetes isn’t all flowers and sunshine, but I worry about how others might treat me were Oprah to cover it. I already face enough people who say, “Oh, poor you!” the second they find out about my D. I don’t need any more of them doing it.

Plus, what diabetes are we talking about here? Type 1, which gets very little media attention? Type 2, which is more prevalent and therefore might merit more media attention? Type 1.5, which is so “new” that most people don’t even know what it is? The type that comes with “obesity” or “unhealthy lifestyle”, which is then blamed on the patients? The type that occurs randomly, and thus the diabetic is just a poor victim? The type that is “controlled”? The type that is “uncontrolled”? There is no way Oprah can do this disease justice in 47 minutes.

I understand that exposure on Oprah’s level would be a good way to raise awareness about diabetes. I am just wary of what form that awareness with take.

Those are good points you make, Sara!

Hopefully if any of us make it to Oprah we will be able to articulate them for her, so we can do something about the pity that sometimes results from people learning about our diabetes.

Hopefully. And even I waiver on the pity issue. I don’t like being pitied, but sometimes pity helps to raise a lot of money. It’s hard to strike the right balance between enough pity that people do something about it and so much pity that people ask me if I am going to die every time they hand me a piece of food. :slight_smile:

I hear you!

My agenda is to expose the Faustman funding issues. I also think that it is important that the public see that type 1 isn’t “cured” as minimed did a study last year (I think) that had some rediculous responce as to how many people thought it was cured.

I am only speaking as a parent. My only concern is that this disease be cured without politics getting in the way. I will go about it by any means possible. I hope I make people uncomfortable, that means I am getting my point accross.


I gave it a shot.

Thank you Manny! I’ve submitted my entry…I hope thousand others join in and do the same…there is power in numbers…advocacy, that’s where it’s at…not for pitty’s sake, but simply to raise awareness not only to diabetes of any form, but also to the pre-diabetes stage that, with proper care can delay the onset of type 2 diabetes…linda. .

Well said, Linda!

I just submitted mine, too! Hope it helps.

I did it

I submitted one also, it would be great to be able to get someone like Oprah to help raise awareness!

I just submitted my entry to them.

Thanks for this…I just submitted our story as well. Hopefully we can get some media attention and help to educate the public.

I submitted an entry. I think this is a wonderful idea and I’ll do whatever I can to help. Thanks for sharing. Jen :slight_smile:

I’ve done my entry for the cause!

I just have to share this story. I met a lady this weekend while at a glucose screening. She had just been through cancer & her oncologist said he was her only doc for the next 5 years. She told me that the doc told her she only needed to check her BG once a month due to her fasting labs every 6 months being in the 80’s (FYI - she is taking pills to control her D). I explained to her that she should be taking it at least once a day since she is on meds. We checked her BG and it was 173. I think I got my point across with that. In talking with her further, he has only been doing her A1C every 6 months (if that). I explained to her the importance of the A1C every 3-4 months and that her onocologist was more concerned about the cancer than the D… I personally this it is irresponsible for any medical physician to tell a diabetic to check BG only once per month. The only way to stay on top of the D and the complications is to check at least once per day. What’s worse is that her children are in the medical field and she wouldn’t listen to them… but I hope she at least listened to me.

I just had to let everyone know that as a diabetic you can help ANYONE living with D (as some of them may not have been told by their docs or nurses). As a D community member, we have to do much more as a group to educate ALL people about diabetes. You’d be surprised the numbers of people walking around that do not know that they are at risk or already have it.

Out of the 15 people we screened for diabetes on Saturday, we recommended that FOUR of them see their doc right away.

Hi Manny, I put in my two cent’s worth. I also posted about it on My Son Has Diabetes. Hopefully that will get more people to tell their story too.

(P.S. I mentioned tudiabetes in my letter.)