I'm Type 1!, NOT Type 2

I was diagnosed a little over 3 months ago, and I cannot tell you how annoying I think it is when people at work, say “oh look what I found online to prevent diabetes, Martin you should take a look”. I CANT STAND IT!!

Believe me, I am well aware that these people are my supporters and are only trying to help, but I feel like Type 1 diabetics are so much different that Type 2.

First off, Type 1 diabetics can do absolutely NOTHING to cause this, so right off the bat we are 100% helpless.

Not to dis Type 2 diabetics, but I feel like they brought the diabetes upon themselves. Had there been ANYTHING I could have done to cause my Type 1, believe me, I would take complete responsibility.

I guess it is probably a lack of information for the average person to know the difference between Type 1 and Type 2, but I find it very annoying when a person categorizes me with a Type 2.

Another reason it boths me is because not only did they bring it on themselves, but they dont have to do injections, or monitor their sugar NEARLY as frequently as we Type 1’s.

Does anyone else find this to be an issue, or am I nuts?

Something to consider… is that this really isn’t any different for T2’s… all the “miracle cures” and whatnot are a total crock, and while there ARE for sure dietary and lifestyle changes that can make managing either type easier, there is seemingly “endless” advice from well-meaning but utterly clueless people. Some don’t even realize that often their “advice” can be quite dangerous (everyone remember noni juice? Ugh…)

My experience is this:
Most people with T2 are in awe at Type 1’s and what they have to do to manage their disease.
Most people with T1 are in awe at Type 2’s and what they have to do to manage their disease.
Most people without diabetes are absolutely friggen clueless.
Some people with a close relative (child, spouse, parent, etc) with diabetes can be really awesome and informed and supportive - others become more dangerous than those without any clue at all because they think they’re experts when they’re not. The best you can do regardless of what “type” you are, is to inform yourself and know your disease, and just ignore 99% of what people tell you.

Stop listening to the media and educuate yourself about Type 2. Type 2s really don’t have a choice either, in MOST cases. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? (Regarding weight gain). Insulin resistance causes weight gain. I believe Type 2 may be an easier disease to handle than Type 1. Yes, I would trade my niece’s Type 1 for Type 2 in an instant, but envy should be reserved for those who are healthy and suffer from neither form of the disease. Is it fair that Type 2s may already have early stage complications before they are even diagnosed? They may not even have the chance to avoid complications because they may have them, or be well on their way to having them at the time of diagnosis. Nothing is fair about either form of the disease.

Two types of diabetics?!?!!! Don’t I, and others like me, count? I’m an “other” diabetic.

Most people without diabetes are absolutely friggen clueless.

There was a Clue Bat around here somewhere for those folks…


I understand the frustration Marty. I am a type 2 and looking back I do wish I had made smarter choices about the life style I lived. I got sucked into the machine of working countless of hours and not taking care of myself and eating bad. We are all humans with different motivations at different times of our lives and shifting priorities. So to put you in the category as some of us type 2 is not cool. It is because of lack of understanding in the part of some people I guess that we get grouped together sometimes. I try to educate people about the difference where I work, but sometimes it seems some people just don’t get it or they ask the question and don’t care for the answer.

If you want to get angry at something, get angry at the level of funding that research to cure Type 1 diabetes gets.

Marty, use your anger/energy to help get our disease funded and cured! I really don’t think we did anything at all to deserve this disease. Maybe we need to have an “inject in public” and “test in public” day to make the public aware of what we really go through every day. Maybe we need to have a million diabetics march on Washington, bare our bottoms, and inject in front of the White House! (I think that demonstration would make the news!)

I like this statement, Jan. Well put.

“envy should be reserved for those who are healthy and suffer from neither form of the disease”

Sarah… well said!!!

May I add something to this discussion…

There are plenty of people who live an absolutely ghastly lifestyle - (picture what is known as classic T2). They eat badly, don’t exercise, are overweight, obese and even morbidly obese, and they DON’T get diabetes. And the opposite exists too - people who live healthy, still get T2. Genetics is pretty much the luck of the draw! What kind of diabetes you get, or whether you get it at all is pretty much in that same genetic lottery.

No honey, know the facts before you post.

That thread was shut down because ME… A TYPE 1 - wrote to Manny and expressed some concerns.

agree with your last statements, pretty much sums it up.

sigh the last thread that got shut down because of the stereotypes about type 1’s and 2’s. It’s our jobs as “diabetics” to educate people on OUR disease, to show them how the disease affects us as a individual. I think that no matter how you put it diabetes sucks for everybody, doesn’t matter who you are. If i have learned anything it’s that everybody can cry “oh why me,” it’s just what you do with your own life that matters. Honestly we all have bigger things to worry about then whether type 1 or 2 is “better” aka “worse.” I never feel bad if somebody thinks i’m type whatever, these people or just trying to understand the disease the best they can. Heck i can’t even blame them if they compare me to there cat (obvious difference, which means perfect time to educate).

haha. I can’t wait to read what’s been posted since yesterday.

here! here! (wanna beer?)

It is very intimate in the way that many Ds don’t want other people, especially strangers, to know that they’re “broken”. I know it took me years and years before I had the nerve to inject in public. It’s embarrassing because you know that people are noticing and watching, curious. It’s humbling because of all of this attention. It’s scary because of all of the attention. Now all of those people know that there’s something “wrong” with you- but they don’t even know you.

Many people look at sickness as “weakness”. They’ll see me and feel sorry for my disease, when all I want is for them to look at ME and see ME- how I act, how strong I am, how confident I portray myself, how “classy” I act… just ME, not my stupid disease that I HAPPENED to get.

The people who are on these forums (or other discussion groups), we are the smart ones. We are seeking information, sharing experiences, and trying to learn and to understand. However, many people are like “mules”. They just go with what everyone else thinks. They see someone inject in public- “Oh, they must be ill.” or “I wonder what’s wrong with them?” or “Eeesh, that makes me uncomfortable, can’t she go into the bathroom?”

I’ve experienced all of these reactions.

T1D is also very intimate, because most people believe that my health is my own responsibility. It is, but let me get to another point. There are many many many things that affect BG levels: overdosing (duh), stress, exercise, flu, the weather? But, when something goes wrong, and I go into the hospital, so many people blame ME for what happened.

I remember a time when my sister accused me of going to the ER for “attention”. I laughed. Yeah, that sounds like a fun idea. I love getting prodded by doctors, my boob slipping out of my nightgown while I’m lying semi conscious on the stretcher, drool coming out of the side of my mouth in front of strangers, having a seizure so strong that I ached for days after, my fiance’s dad seeing me in my underwear… yeah, good times, good times. Having absolutely NO CONTROL of my body does NOT seem like a risk that I want to take for “attention”.

But, people without D just DONT UNDERSTAND. Which makes me feel like I really am alone in this disease. No matter how many times, or how many ways I explain it, they just don’t get it. And they never will. I can’t blame them for this.

So, yes. Taking injections is personal. Managing diabetes is personal. And me adding anyone to my circle of T1D world is a very intimate and special choice. I choose very carefully because I don’t want a “mother”, I just want someone to listen to me talk sometimes. Many people don’t know how to just listen.


I’m sorry that you feel like you’re getting generalized. This is why we are all here. To learn and to discuss. Please try not to take it personally.

After all, it IS a Type 1 forum that we’re on.

There are many misconceptions about both types. I, personally, try not to judge either. Sometimes I slip up and say mean things about the T2s who COULD change their stars… the ones who were severely overweight and said: “If I don’t stop eating, I’m gonna get T2” and then continue to eat three bowls of cereal for breakfast. I just don’t understand THOSE T2s. Those are the ones who I get angry with and start crying because they have a CHOICE and they don’t take it. I’m not generalizing in any way. I’ve specifically pinpointed the types of people who I’m angry at.

There are many times that I feel bad for T2s. While I don’t understand it completely (I’m still learning), I feel that some of you have it worse than we T1s. I mean, my pancreas doesn’t work. It’s done. Kaput. Some T2s are still creaing SOME insulin from their pancreas. What I don’t understand is how they can tell when to take a pill or inject, and when they rely on their pancreas to work?

So, I don’t know.

Please try to help educate us. There will be some “hard headed” people out there, but don’t let it break your stride. There are many of us who are still listening.

I know that when I argue, I like to play Devil’s Advocate. I like to remain strong on one side of the argument, just to see how STRONG of a case the other person has- not necessarily because I disagree with them.

"They ask the question and don’t care for the answer."
That is a perfect statement for so many of the people I talk to- which is mostly the reason why I don’t say much of anything. They’ll figure it out, when it happens to them or to someone they love.



It’s okay to vent. Let it out. We’ll listen.

Hahaaaaa… I’d actually get on a plane right now and fly to America to be there to do that! =)