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O.K. so it’s not the most original ice breaker . . . but it’s a start.
I’m a mom of 3 beautiful kids. My daughter, Brenna, has type 1 diabetes. She was dx’d 8/17/06 @ 2 years old. I saw tudiabetes over on Kerri’s SUM blog and thought I’d take a peek.

Thank you, Penny, for inviting me to join the Parents discussion.

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Hi! I have a daughter with type 1, too. She was diagnosed when she was almost three - it will be 10 years this September.

I’m going to check out your blog.

Nice to meet another mom with a younger diabetic kid. My daughter, Julia was diagnosed May 3rd, 2007 with type 1. She’s 4 1/2. Manny saw my videos on youtube and invited me here.

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Hi! I have three children (ages 2, 6 & 8). My middle child is the one with Diabetes. She is 6 now, but diagnosed in Sept 2004 when she was three years old, two weeks before my youngest child was born. Talk about crazy timing! Between a c-section and a newly diagnosed child, I checked myself out of the hospital after two nights, so that I can keep an eye on her.
So far my daughter is the only with Type 1 in the family. No history on either side (of either type), so this was all a big shocker to us all.
We are using MiniMed 522 as of February of this year and loving it so far!

Hi everyone!
Noah (my only child) will be 9 in a couple weeks. He was diagnosed in March of 2005 and has been using the Deltec Cozmo since November of 2006. I recently started blogging after reading a ton of d-blogs and getting more information from all of you than I ever did at the doctor’s office. I got inspired and wanted to add our story as well.
I also found out about tudiabetes over at Kerri’s, and when I got here Penny invited me over!! :slight_smile:

Hello. My daughter, Samantha, was diagnosed at the age of 4 back in 2002. She’s been pumping with the Cozmo for 2 months and loves it.

We were incredibly lucky. Brenna was able to get an Animas pump within about a month of diagnosis. I can’t imagine doing this any other way. Wow. So many diagnosed so young. My husband’s father & every brother and sister (he’s the youngest of 11 kids) have type 2. Brenna’s Type 1 surprised everyone. I’d love to enroll everyone in a study or two (there is a high incidence of diagnosed autism in that side of the family as well).

My first cousin has twin sons with varying degrees of PDD. This is on my dad’s side of the family, where all of our D family history is. I had never made that connection before.

I’m Robin aka Treysmom. Trey was dx’d Aug 14, 06. We just started pumping w/ MM522 on June 9, 07. Its so much better than giving injections.

Hi I’m Amber, mom to Nikki who has D and Quinn who does not. I’m an American married to a Finn, living just outside of Finlands capital of Helsinki. Saw this link on CWD and thought it was a cool site!

Hi, I have 2 boys ages 3 and 9. My 3 year old was dx’d at 18 months old. He’s been on the Omnipod for 1 year.

I am Angela, mom of David and wife of Dennis, both with type 1. My son was dx in March. I now have been diagnosed with type 2. At least we are all on the same page :slight_smile: Neither my husband or son have a pump. We would like to get my husband pumping soon. Waiting on an endo appt. to be set up. This and CWD are great resources for moms like us!


We just enrolled O in a Diabetes Research Directory at the Benaroya Research Institute at Virginia Mason. Their number is 800-888-4187 and the email is

Once you give them your information, they will contact you regarding any studies that Brenna might be eligible to participate in.



I’m Paige and my daughter, Olivia, was diagnosed in February at 21 months. She’s currently on multiple daily injections.

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Hi! Im Chrissa. My son Jason was DX’ed nearly 2 months ago, Type 1. He and his twin sister are 4.5. We are on the pump and are doing pretty well. Knock wood! :slight_smile:

Hi everyone! I am new to the website. My son is 6 1/2 and was diagnosed January 22, 2007. He is curremntly a “pumper” and everything seems to be going well. My wife has quit her job and started a new one as a full time pancreas for Caleb. He attends a private school without a nurse so my wife has become his caregiver at school as well. I just wanted to say “hi” and get aquainted with the website.

So far, everyone we have come in contact with who has diabetes or knows someone with diabetes has been so supportive. I also grew up with a girl who had diabetes, She is actually the one who recommended this site. It means so much to know that yo are not alone when you are new and dealing with your own emotions, your spouses emotions and your childs emotions. I hope to learn a lot here and would like to be able to offer that same support to anyone with a child who has diabetes. Thanks for allowing me to join in.


Jessie was diagnosed in February 2005 and starting pumping in November 2005 with Cozmo. She will be 8 in September. Her older sister is 9. We are in Northern Virginia.

My daughter Stella was 22 months old when she was diagnosed this Memorial Day Weekend. As you all know so well, my/our world has been rocked. I alternate between being sad, motivated, angry, driven, and oh so very very very grateful that we got to leave the hospital with our daugther (unlike some of the other families in the Peds ICU).

It’s now been a bit more than a month, we’re getting practiced at giving shots, but not at actually controlling the numbers with any decent regularity. I very much look forward to switching to a pump, but Stella’s Dr. says “let’s wait a year.” I’m interested in the experiences of those parents with young children on pumps. At what age? How did you do it? Was your Dr. supportive? Do you have specific advice?

Thank you for this discussion group. I’m getting a lot of comfort from the internet and diabetes blogs.

Hi. I have two daughters: Gwen age 6 non D, and Olivia age 2 dx 6/12/2007. I also came to tudiabetes after I seen it on Kerri’s SUM blog.

Hello! I have a 7 year old son and a 5 year old daughter dx’d with T1 10-28-05. She has been on the Animas pump since Sept. 06’.