Hello Everyone I just thought I would introduce myself here. My name is Carolyn and my husband Jay and I have a daughter Ocean who has been a diabetic for 2 years now. Ocean is 6 years old and we are know on the animas insulin pump. Ocean has been on it for about 4 months know. I feel I have my daughter back and I hardly ever hear her say that she hates diabetes so I know she loves her pump. Ocean has a brother John that is almost 11 years old and he is such a great big brother.We are in alberta Canada. We have a great team out here at the childrens hospital so we are very greatful. I just wanted another place I could come for advice when needed and just to have people that know what it means to have a child with diabetes.

Hi Carolyn!

Welcome to the board. Nice to have another mom here. Nice to hear that your daughter likes her pump and is enjoying the freedom that it brings. My daughter is 10 and is also on the pump.

Take care and I look forward to hearing from you.

Hi Carolyn!

We are in Canada also, in Ontario. I think we are the only Canadian moms here! My son Sam is 5, diagnosed 18 months ago. He is also on the Animas pump. We love it too. Anything you want to chat about, just let me know!

Hi and welcome.

My son, Riley, was diagnosed at 3 and is also on an Animas pump. He is 5 now and has been pumping for 18 months now.

Your daughter has a neat name, by the way.

Welcome Carolyn! I have a son on a pump 5 years. (I am half Canadian). Glad you have a good team.