Giving a Talk in Palo Alto: Roadmap To A Cure "We're not there yet, but how far away are we?"

If you are interested in hearing me talk about possible cures for type-1 diabetes, here is your chance.
In a sense, this talk is going to be the exact opposite of my usual blog posts, because I'm covering the entire landscape of research aimed a curing type-1 diabetes. My blogs usually focus on one specific treatment or one small area of research. But in this talk, I'm hoping to put all of them into context. I'm also looking forward to answering questions in person, which I don't get to do on the blog, so please bring your questions!
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Here is the information from CarbDM, who is hosting the event:

Peninsula Type 1 Topics: "How T1D Will Be Cured" with Joshua Levy

Hear what Joshua Levy, T1D dad and expert blogger, has to say on "How Type-1 Will Be Cured: A map of all the different paths to a cure, who is working on each path, and how far along are they?"

Wednesday, October 8, 7 - 9 pm


Parents Place, 200 Channing Avenue, Palo Alto

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CarbDM is sponsoring the event, and their web site is here: