Two Type 1 related things for Tuesday


First: it’s only a few weeks until my bike ride. The funds that I’m raising go directly to Mass. General Hospital to support the research that Dr. Denise Faustman is doing on a possible cure for Type 1.

I know it sounds unlikely. But it really sounds as if she may be on to something, see the (PDF) newsletter from this summer. In the next 2 years they’ll start initial trials on adults to look at possible dosing for trying to kill the bad T-Cells that are blasting our pancreas producing cells.

If you’ve got Type 1 diabetes, please, please think about supporting me on this one. I’ll be riding shortly after the 35-year anniversary of my diagnosis. And I’d love to think that I’ve got a lot of folks from TuDiabetes working with me on this one.

Secondly: there’s a group of us trying to organize a conference specifically for adults with Type 1 diabetes. Allison has blogged about some of the details. We’d love to get some questions answered to help us organize a conference that will be a success. It’s a short survey and we’d appreciate your input.