Hello guys i am about to start Gliptins oral are any of you on them how is it going? I am not allowed to work for 8 weeks once i start them and 4 weeks in i add Metformin if you take them did you have hypos as issue? How long did they last before it settled?

Ok, for those of us in the US, the gliptins is class of drugs that inhibit DPP-4. GLP-1 stimulates insulin production in response to eating, and gliptins act in opposition to GLP-1. Common brands of DPP-4 inhibitors are Januvia and Onglyza. It is typically used as an add-on therapy to patients that are already on metformin and/or a TZD and are still not controlled. There are some that consider these therapies as less effective than the GLP-1 analogs (Byetta and Victoza), but they do have the advantage that they are a pill rather than an injection. Hypos are not typically an issue. If effective, you shold notice a mild improvement in postprandial blood sugars and they should take full effect within a few days. I am really surprised that you are told not to work. There is nothing to suggest that any of the side effects are an issue. Why did your doctor tell you not to work?

I suffer hypos and work in driving area so he wants to be sure its fully in my system before allowing me ehind the wheel if i was office based he would let me work

He is using them to save my pancreas as a pose to deal with sugars to balence alpha cells and beta cells. My pancreas fully funtion but all wrong early diabetes he is trying to slow progression

Exactly how bad have your hypos been? Do you have hypo awareness problems? Neither gliptins nor metformin are known as causing hypo problems. There are many people here on insulin who must consider hypo risks very carefully when driving, but we have not been told to take 2 months off from work. That just seems extreme.

I don’t have the answers for you but i guess he knows best. I just wondered how people were doing on them

My best guess as i am not a consultant is he is looking after me nobody else but me in my condition thats my best guess. Maybe he feels in my case this is the best action and to maintain as little stress as he can as i have adrenal issues too. So i guess he wants the condition managed before adding enormas stress. But thats a guess i do not read minds either, ASo whilst you may feel its extreme maybe for me its the right thing to do! Do you take Gliptins? Do they work for you?

I never took gliptins, but I took the GLP-1 analogs, both Byetta and Victoza. I never had any hypo problems with either of those.

I don’t think they are the same same family maybe but not the same however thats good news that you didn’t have issues with them. Are you inslin dependant type 1 or 2?

I am now using insulin.

So it didn’t stop its progresson then? Lifestyle is not my issue at all. he is trying to balence my alpha cells and beta cells so i am being put on it for a different reason to most. Maybe thats why he wants me off work, Most Diabetics pancreas has to some degree failed mine works all wrong but is still fully functioning so a different type 2. He is attempting to slow my gene failure down. Its all complicated to me. But thank you for talking with me. I will let you know how i go. I should start them soon its a worry as i relly am anti pills metformin failed completely so heres hoping. They are taking aggressive action with me i think in part to see if it helps others who are lean.

Ok, so on the progression thing. The leading researcher Ralph DeFronzo has a good discussion of the GLP-1 analogs and the rate of diabetes progression. He believes that the GLP-1 analogs are “best” for preserving beta cell function. My problem was that none of the medications ever really “worked.” They did not decrease my blood sugar readings nor my A1c.

Thats what i think will happen to me in the future they can not get mine managed and i am complyant so its a bit of a nightmare this is a attempt to slow it down. how do you cope?